Visit Santorini in autumn

Find at Emporio 847 03, call us on 694 457 7918 and book Santorini tours. There are some places in Greece that, as much as you want to protest against their commercialization, their excessive tourist promotion and the economic exploitation that reaches – when it does not exceed – the limits of notoriety, they capture you with their natural beauty as much as it takes to forget everything: from the crowds of tourists huddled around you to admire the magnificent view to the fact that you paid for the coffee you enjoy as much as cheap champagne.

This is the case of Santorini. Special in every corner, famous in the ends of the world, enchanting all seasons and all hours of the day, full of people who admire every possible and incredible point.

What if everything is available at “tourist” prices, what if its cobbled streets become inaccessible by the crowds of tourists who flood them, what if the specific crowds are possessed by the inexplicable desire to applaud the sun when it sets? The price is small in front of so much beauty.

Especially in Autumn, when the aforementioned price has somewhat softened – but in no case eliminated – giving way to more peaceful days and nights, Santorini is the ideal destination for long or – why not? – and short getaways.


Arriving on the island, as the ship approaches the port, the gaze turns successively to the so-called “newer land of the Mediterranean”, the islets of the Caldera, created by the successive eruptions of the volcano that gave Santorini its characteristic, wild beauty. the vertical cliffs that rise majestically above the port.

Going up to the island’s capital, Fira, the surrounding landscape does not presuppose in the least what is to follow. Breathtaking black and red rocks create a lunar landscape that is interrupted only by the magnificent view of the caldera.

The capital of Santorini itself has been described as “the most beautiful city in Greece” – and the only injustice of the designation lies in the term “city”. Perched literally on the rocks that rise in the caldera, faithful to the traditional Cycladic architecture, with whitewashed houses, small churches with blue domes, narrow cobbled streets and the district with the most beautiful name of the Cyclades, the Firostanis on the island.

Summary of the expression “the city that never sleeps”, gathers a large number of visitors throughout the twenty-four hours. Especially in the evenings, as they are the… monopoly of night entertainment on the part of the Caldera, Fira is full of life. It is no coincidence, after all, that one of the most central streets is widely known as “the street of bars”.


The capital of Santorini, of course, could not miss all those purely “tourist” images, which along with the applause of the sunset in Oia, have become synonymous with the cult, now, tourism industry of the island, such as donkeys, adorned with unspeakable accessories that go up and down the 570 steps to the old port, from where the boats for the volcano start, or the price lists of the caldera-view-tavern, which have invented the world originality of a “rustic” which is revealed only after entering the store.

On the north side of the Caldera, Oia has not accidentally associated its name with the sunset. The first settlement in Greece that was declared protected could not be compared in beauty with anything less than its amazing sunset. None of the individual elements that make up the enchanting image of Oia could be isolated or adequately described in words.

From the colorful buildings that give a special note to the whitewashed settlement, the Cycladic churches, the classical music heard from the cafes, which are as much as needed to not “drown” the city to the windmills that stand guard over the settlement, the cobbled streets and the atmospheric lighting, everything in Oia is exactly what is needed to create this dreamy, almost fairytale, atmosphere that made it famous all over the world.

When you manage to leave Oia, which is especially difficult the first time, be sure to go through the so-called “balcony of Santorini”, Imerovigli, which is perched at the highest point of the Caldera and Vothonas, the “insignificant” village near Messaria, with the cave houses built in the ravine.

Santorini beaches

Compared to other Cycladic islands, the beaches of the island are not impressive. A brilliant exception to the rule, of course, is the Red Beach, which is worth a visit, if only to admire the unique landscape that the volcanic lava has formed here, even if the weather which is not suitable for swimming.

However, as it rarely rains on the island, it is likely that you will also visit the popular organized beaches of Perissa and Kamari, which are tourist resorts, with countless taverns, cafes and bars literally on the beach.

If you are not a fan of the triptych umbrella – sunbed – fresh fish on the beach, prefer the beaches close to Oia, such as Baxedes, Columbus and Pori. You may find it a little difficult to locate them, as they are not easily discernible from the road, but the search is worth it.

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New Generation Security Locks

Are you thinking of installing a security lock on your front door? Have you heard of the new generation security locks?

The decision you will make to choose the right lock is very important as the security of the home and your loved ones is judged.

Nowadays, many homeowners choose to keep their personal property at home and this carries risks.

Shielding your home with a new generation of security locks is an urgent need for everyone, as this type of lock has many advantages and security certifications that you can not ignore.

The investment that you will make by placing a security lock on your door, will be long-lasting and will offer you the feeling of security that every person should feel at home.

Keep burglars and would-be robbers away and find out what you need to know before proceeding.

Easy installation on any type of door

New generation security locks fit any type of door and can be easily installed and replaced with an old lock.

No matter how good a lock you have, it is good to be informed about the new generation locks and to upgrade the security of your space regularly.

Do not make the mistake of holding your old lock if you are the victim of a burglary, if you break up and if you move.

Security cylinder with defender

The new generation of security locks has a security cylinder with defender protection.

On the one hand, the defender offers maximum anti-burglary protection and prevents the lock cylinder from breaking and damaging from a sharp object. There are many types of defenders and the most popular are magnetic and steel.

Their main advantage is that they can be adapted to simple locks but also to locks of security doors.

On the other hand, the security or super-security cylinders in the new generation locks are made with enhanced protection properties.

They have a system against breakage and against the piercing of the cylinder, while at the same time they do not leave room for copying the lock keys.

As technology evolves, new models of safety cylinders are on the market with European certifications competing with the old ones.

At Alfinodoor, you can find the most advanced safety cylinders.

New generation security locks are delivered with a ownership card.
The keys, which belong to the new generation security lock of your house, will be unique.

What do we mean by that?

These keys are delivered to the owner, with a special ownership card and can not be copied.

So, even if you find yourself in the awkward position of losing your keys, you will be sure that whoever finds them, will not be able to use them.

They have a catapult, a locking system & a system against breaking the navel.

The advantages of the new generation security locks do not stop here. In case a burglar tries to break your lock, the lock locks the navel and the driver, and this is the first stage of protection.

If the navel is broken, the new generation locks have a second stage of protection, where the catapult falls and blocks the fire.

What to watch out for

If we can find a negative, it would be that you have to be very careful with your ownership card and keys.

In case it gets lost, you will have to change the new generation lock and get a new ownership card.

So, you have to repeat the whole process of the security lock.

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Nordstrom Has the Best Fall Finds Secretly On Sale Right Now


When you’re someone who likes to shop as much as me, finding an excuse to dabble in a little retail therapy can be pretty easy. Special event coming up? It looks like I need a new dress! Oh, sweater weather is here? Time to invest in knitwear. And return to the office also means returning to footwear beyond slippers. The point is, replenishing my closet with all sorts of aesthetically pleasing things comes naturally to me, hence why you and I are here.

Imagine my delight when I realized that Nordstrom’s sale section features tons of fall essentials, including turtlenecks, jackets, boots, and more. You can snag some from your favorite brands like Sam Edelman, Levi’s, Good American, and Nike for up to 40 percent off, so you’re wallet will thank you for the smart investment Ahead, shop 14 fall favorites on sale at Nordstrom right now.

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This Patterned Frock

Square Neck Babydoll Dress

This checkered print babydoll dress is so fun! I’m already thinking about all the places I’m going to wear it. 


These Chunky Boots

Clarisa Platform Chelsea Boot

Here lies a pair of boots that will go with everything.


This Chic Shacket

Belted Shirt Jacket

Behold one of fall’s biggest must-haves: the shacket. Wear it on its own or layer it up. 


This Denim Hat

Logo Bucket Hat

When I’m having a bad hair day, I love throwing on a bucket hat and heading out the door. 


This Cozy Cardigan

Sunrise Stripe Cardigan Sweater

Sweater weather is finally here. Kick off the season right with this ivory striped cardigan. 


These Totally Cool Pants

Athena Velvet Flare Crop Pants

Velvet anything is just an autumn must-have. These flare pants are giving me ‘70s vibes. 


These Go-With-Everything Boots

Olly Knee High Boot

How versatile are these knee-high boots from Sam Edelman? It’ll go great under a midi dress or paired with a mini skirt and tights. 


This Super Sweet Set

Cropped Rib Cardigan & Camisole Set

This set is gonna look great with your favorite pair of jeans. Feel free to also pair it with a pleated mini skirt if you wanna go preppy. 


These Retro Sunnies

Aviator Sunglasses

I’m all for a retro-inspired pair of sunglasses. If you’re not feeling the yellow tint, this pair also comes in pink- and blue-colored lenses too! 


This Pair of Denim

501 Skinny Jeans

Pretty sure there’s no limit on how pair of jeans you can own, especially when you snag a pair for this cheap. 


These Neutral Toned Sneakers

Court Vintage Premium Sneaker

Is there anything more wearable than an off-white vintage-inspired sneaker? (Hint: The answer is no.)


This Cool Backpack

Woven Chain Backpack

For those days when you need to haul your stuff around but want to look cute doing so, opt for this backpack. 


This Light Orange Skirt

Plaid Miniskirt

This plaid miniskirt is wearable all year round. Just throw some tights on when it’s cooler, and feel free to ditch them come spring. 


This Super Warm Coat

Faux Shearling Lined Corduroy Jacket

Get cozy with this corduroy jacket with faux shearling lining. P.S.: Pair it with your favorite turtleneck if you want to feel extra warm. 

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Here’s How to Recreate the Exact Makeup Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Wore in the ‘Rain on Me’ Music Video

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande know a thing or two about makeup. Grande has a new cosmetics line launching any day now and Gaga has been killing the makeup game with her Haus Laboratories since 2019. If you’ve ever wanted to mimic the icon’s glam, now is your chance. Today, and today only the exact lips gloss and eyeshadow the duo wore in the ‘Rain on Me’ music video are on sale on Amazon.

Le Riot Lip Gloss

Haus Laboratories


Gaga donned the Haus Labs Le Riot Lip Gloss in Entranced while Grande rocked the shades 1000 Doves and Plastic Doll from the Haus Labs Stupid Love palette.


Haus Laboratories


The video is a reminder of a world we once knew, full of partying, congregating in large groups, and (gasp!) touching, as Gaga and Grande come together at the end for a long hug.

And although we can’t be united in the way the music video depicts, there’s another thing bringing fans together: The standout beauty looks created by makeup artists Sarah Tanno and Michael Anthony. The white eyeliner worn by Gaga and Grande is being recreated across social media, with fans using quarantine to perfect the sharp wings and lines.

This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Tanno, the global artistry director at Haus Laboratories and Gaga’s longtime MUA, is surprised the look has generated so much buzz. “I did not see that coming,” she told over the phone. “I never think of the looks like they’re going to go viral like that. I wake up every day to thousands of fans and people who love makeup that has recreated that look. Usually, they’ll they love the ones with the spikes or the chains or the more interesting, the more kind of dangerous punk ones. But the white look has really been the star of the show.”

rain on me

Haus Laboratories

Tanno and Anthony worked closely with the two singers to come up with a look that made sense for both of them. “Her and Ari bounced off of each other, talking about ideas and the glam, and they wanted to merge their worlds and beauty and the way that they are dressing,” Tanno explains. “The wing is something that’s just so truly iconic to Gaga. So we wanted to do it differently, and I used to love white eyeliner and the ’90s. We didn’t want [Ari and Gaga] to be completely matching. It was important that we brought Ari into Gaga’s world a little bit with the makeup.”

To achieve this merge, Anthony used the white liner to draw a hollow cat-eye shape, requested by Grande. “The floating white cat eyeliner look that so many people are celebrating and recreating was something that we came up with to be universally flattering and chic,” he explains. “Ari has such creative energy and really knew what she wanted to try. She came with a mood board and direction for what she was thinking.”

Ahead, the MUAs break down the full ‘Rain on Me’ makeup looks to recreate at home.

Gaga’s Look

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

  1. Apply MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot as an eye shadow base across the lids.
  2. Sketch out the wing shape using the shade 911 from the Haus Labs Stupid Love palette.
  3. Using 911, pack on the eye shadow using your finger and a flat brush for full coverage.
  4. Draw a smaller wing at the lash line using Haus Labs Eye-Lie-Ner in Punk.
  5. Use an angle brush or a Q-Tip dipped in micellar water to clean up.
  6. Line your lips with Haus Laps Rip Lip Liner in Myth.
  7. Finish with Haus Labs Le Riot Lip Gloss in Entranced.
    1. Ariana’s Look

      This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

      1. Using a damp Beautyblender sponge, apply NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer as an eye shadow base on the lids.
      2. Softly blend 1000 Doves and Plastic Doll from the Haus Labs Stupid Love palette onto the lids with a fluffy brush.
      3. Trace the graphic shape using ColourPop’s Honeydude Creme Gel Liner.
      4. Using Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Snow, go over your sketch in a slow fluid stroke.
      5. Finish with a few coats of Marc Jacob’s At Lash’d Lengthening and Curling Mascara.
      6. Clean up with a pointed Q-Tip.
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        How To Livestream Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2022 Show

        Victor VIRGILEGetty Photos

        Louis Vuitton debuts its spring-summer season 2022 runway assortment stay from Paris on Tuesday, October 5th at 1PM CET (7AM EST). See the Parisian atelier’s prepared-to-wear exhibit from the consolation of your own dwelling, below:

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        Best Setting Sprays 2021 – Makeup Artist-Recommended Setting Spray

        Right after nailing your flawless beat—Eyebrows? Great. Contour? Chiseled. Lashes? Very long and luscious. The very last degree you need to conquer is retaining it all in put all day with a placing spray. But, you cannot just use any ol’ location spray. You will need a placing spray authorised by the greats, like Lizzo, Ariana Grande, and top rated celebrity makeup artists. From City Decay’s bestselling All-Nighter Spray—which is at the moment on sale now on Amazon for the very low-low—to splurge-worthy favorites, store celebrity makeup artist-approved location sprays, beneath.


        All Nighter Extended-Lasting Make-up Setting Spray

        A cult-beloved among field pros, Lizzo, (and all of the team!), this setting spray need to only be utilized if you don’t want your make-up to transfer for hrs. The spray dries down to a purely natural end to keep your make-up searching clean, not greasy. 


        Morphe Continuous Setting Mist

        Kelsey Deenihan, who operates with Lucy Hale, Reese Witherspoon, and Millie Bobby Brown, reaches for Morphe’s Continual Environment Spray. “Apart from trying to keep your make-up on the lookout refreshing and intact, the continuous spray provides microfine molecules as it sprays preventing big soaked droplets landing on your facial area like most other sprays,” explains Deenihan.  


        M.A.C. Prep + Primary Resolve+ Tiny MAC

        This is a potent solution feels as refreshing as dipping in a pool and keeps your confront in area all working day. 


        elf Cosmetics Matte Magic Mist & Established

        If you want to get a bang for your buck, seize this drugstore steal. It truly is a mild mist that sets makeup carefully.  


        Genuine Botanicals Nutrient Mist Spray

        Quinn Murphy , makeup artist to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, er, Kiernan Shipka, grabs Real Botanicals Nutrient Mist Spray. 
        “It goes a move even more than just h2o sprays, packed with plant oils to moisturize, set make-up, and give luminosity to the skin,” states Murphy. “My consumers love it and often and the rose scent is heaven.”


        Tatcha Luminous Dewy Pores and skin Mist

        Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Mist adds luminosity to the skin and is a clean beauty product just like Murphy’s select.


        Herbivore Jasmine Eco-friendly Tea Balancing Mist

        Harmony your pores and skin with this jasmine and environmentally friendly tea mist that is packed with anti-oxidants. 


        Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater


        Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

        Superstar make-up artist Nikki DeRoast, who operates with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, doesn’t usually use a labeled makeup setting spray but enjoys the Hydrating Floral Essence from Tata Harper. “It can be hydrating, plumps the pores and skin, it can be cleanse, and with all of the extraordinary ingredients, it can be like a spa cure that you can spray on your facial area all over the working day,” states DeRoast. “It is so refreshing!”


        La Mer The Mist

        Everything La Mer is a spa remedy for the face. This mist hydrates, plumps, and give you that article-spa procedure glow. 


        Initially Therapy Essence Mist

        Missha’s top-promoting face mist rejuvenates the skin and provides a midday decide on-me-up. 


        Cinema Secrets and techniques Super Sealer Mattifying Setting Spray

        If you want some thing a lot more highly effective than a mist that however leaves your pores and skin experience nourished, grab Cinema Secrets and techniques Tremendous Sealer Mattifying Setting Spray. 


        Ole Henriksen Fountain of Reality Facial Drinking water

        Kale Teter (a makeup artist powering Ariana Grande’s ideal make-up appears to be) has been loving the Fountain of Fact Facial Drinking water from Ole Henriksen. “It’s total of anti-oxidants, plant extracts, and has a pleasant energizing smell,” states Teter. 


        Lancome Fix It Forget It Environment Spray

        Lancome’s drinking water-based mostly location spray delivers a gentle burst of humidity and also shields the skin from air pollution and contaminants. 


        Supergoop! Defense Refresh Environment Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 50

        Supergoop’s green facial midst sets makeup, fights in opposition to pollution, and is  SPF 50. Get, gain, gain. 

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        15 Best Things To Do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

        Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin by population, and it’s also the fifth-largest city in the midwest. As you can imagine, there are endless things to see and do in Milwaukee to keep you busy. 

        Located near Lake Michigan, there are several fun water activities you can take part in. Plus, Milwaukee has countless breweries, making it the perfect place to visit with friends!

        But, there’s more on offer than just nature and beer, the city is filled with many cultural and historical sites as well. Whether you visit with your kids or colleagues, there are fun things to do in Milwaukee for everyone.

        I’ve lived in Milwaukee since I was two years old. Having attended elementary school all the way through college in the city, I’m familiar with the area — it’s a great place with a lot to offer.

        Whether you’re just spending a couple of days or two weeks, you won’t run out of things to do in this big city. 

        Here is a complete list of the 15 best things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

        1. Visit the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory

        Situated on the Southside of Milwaukee, the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory is the perfect place to go with your friends and family.

        It’s one of the most unique things to do in Milwaukee, as this type of architecture isn’t found anywhere else. 

        Constructed in 1959, the conservatory houses a variety of botanical life — it’s filled with beautiful and eccentric flowers, trees, and shrubs.

        The first dome accommodates an arid ecosystem from America and Africa, whereas the second contains vibrant tropical plants and orchids.

        The last dome contains a wide and admirable garden railway, themed exhibits, and holds many cultural events throughout the year.

        Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to do during the winter or summer, this is a great place to visit, especially if you love nature and are looking for something relaxing to do. 

        Whether you go with your spouse, friends, or children, everyone will definitely fall in love with the conservatory. If you go on certain days, you might be able to get in for free too.

        2. Spend A Day At Discovery World

        The perfect way to spend the day with family is by visiting one of the most famous Milwaukee attractions —Discovery World.

        The place is located on the shoreline of Lake Michigan and offers a number of interactive exhibits to keep you interested as you roam around the building.

        It has all sorts of unique features. There is a “Dream Machine” that lets you explore the automation all around the building. You can meet robots and even make foam toys!

        The clean Air Trek exhibit shows you how battery technology works in automobiles. The Distant Mirror exhibit allows you to discover how a mummy looks on the inside. These are just a few of the many activities and exhibits you can do in this place. 

        3. Visit The Harley-Davidson Museum

        If you walk or drive around Milwaukee long enough, you’ll eventually come across the grand Harley-Davidson Museum. Located on 20-acres of land, the building complex has more than 400 original Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in its vast collection.

        The building also holds various artifacts that take you on a long journey of the history and evolution of the brand, culture, and engines. 

        You not only get to witness traditional American culture but also the rebellious side of it as you walk through its stunning exhibitions.

        In a nutshell, it’s a great place worth visiting whether you like motorcycles or not. They also always have some sort of event going on, and if you’re into motorcycles — Harley Davidson or other, you’ll find it enjoyable. Click here to get your admission ticket ahead of time.

        4. Try Some Delicious Milwaukee Restaurants

        Milwaukee is home to many different restaurants and cuisines for different tastes.

        best things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

        If you want to try some delicious Mexican food, visit El Señorial, located on the South Side of Milwaukee. If you want to try the best burgers in town, AJ Bombers is the place.

        For an original chili recipe not found anywhere else, Real Chilli is a top choice. If you’re looking for something a bit fancier or fine dining options, Mo’s A Place for Steaks is one of Milwaukee’s very own. 

        5. Visit The Milwaukee Art Museum

        For art fans, the Milwaukee Art Museum should be on your list of top places to visit.

        Not only is the place famous for the artifacts and art pieces that it possesses, but also for its building structure. Found in downtown Milwaukee, the art museum has interesting modern architecture.

        Besides the main building, you can see a stunning suspension bridge and a future-looking and exquisite pavilion that adorns retractable wings. The wings open up and extend up to a wingspan of 217 feet when the museum opens in the morning. 

        Apart from the spectacular architecture, the interior is phenomenal as well.

        There are over 25000 paintings, prints, and photos on display. If you enjoy art from artists like Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Claude Money, this place is perfect for satisfying your inner artistic geek.

        6. Go for a Brewery Tour at Lakefront Brewery

        Located on Commerce Street, Lakefront Brewery is one of the best places to visit in Milwaukee if you love beer. This is the number one go-to place for people if you want to try ales, lagers, stouts, and other high-quality beverages.

        things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

        Since 1987, the business has been producing beers and offering tours that show how the drinks are brewed and bottled. You can also taste the many samples in the making!

        Apart from sampling brews, you can stop and have something to eat along the way. Their fish tacos are one of their most popular dishes. The live music that plays in the background uplifts the entire mood of the area.

        7. Walk Through the Grandeur of Pabst Mansion

        If the Victorian era fascinates you, you need to visit the Pabst Mansion. Constructed in 1892, the mansion is a part of a historic house museum and contains some of the most exquisite artifacts from the Flemish Renaissance.

        Historians mention that the Pabst family had lived luxuriously till the early 20th century, which is very well depicted in the rooms of their house.

        The place includes a pavilion, carriage house, greenhouse, and the residence, which possesses 37 rooms, 14 fireplaces, and many hidden compartments. 

        The museum offers tours which usually start with you exploring all the well-preserved rooms and halls of the mansion. Moreover, you also learn about the Pabst family history, how they acquired this grandeur, and their renowned brewery, Pabst Brewing Company. 

        8. Visit the Basilica of St. Josaphat

        Situated on the corner of the Lincoln Avenue and sixth street, the Basilica of St. Josaphat is a designated Milwaukee Landmark which is known for having one of the largest copper domes in the world.

        visit the Basilica of St. Josaphat

        The structure was erected in the year 1901. It has stunning stone columns on the outside, and the interior is filled with fascinating murals and stained glass windows. 

        Overall, the place exhibits the most exemplary Renaissance architecture that you can find. The structure closely resembles the Polish Cathedral churches.

        Visiting the basilica is definitely worthwhile, just don’t make too much noise and be mindful with pictures since it is, after all, a church. It’s one of the many free things to do in Milwaukee.

        9. Sample Cocktails at Great Lakes Distillery

        Owning the title of being Wisconsin’s first distillery after prohibition, the Great Lakes Distillery is a must-visit when you come to Milwaukee. It’s located south of Downtown Milwaukee. 

        The distillery was established in 2004 and produces every type of spirit you could think of, like absinthes, gins, whiskies, and vodkas.

        The place also offers tours and tasting sessions that show you the building and how the drinks are fermented and produced.

        On tours, you also have a chance to sample some amazing cocktails in their tasting room — plus liqueurs and rums as well. 

        Before visiting Great Lakes Distillery, make sure to hop onto their official website and check the timings. The tasting room, as well as the kitchen hours, vary throughout the week.

        10. Go To A Game At The American Family Field

        Previously known as Miller Park, the American Family Field is just five minutes away from the west of downtown. The field is home to the Milwaukee Brewers, who are a well-known team in the MLB.

        The stadium has the capacity to hold almost 41,900 spectators, so the atmosphere is electrifying and provides a wholesome and invigorating experience. 

        The field is also famous for its movable roof. Out of the seven panels that make up the roof, five of them are movable.

        It’s worth purchasing some baseball souvenirs to take back home if you’re visiting for the day. Tailgating before the games is also quite the experience, and it’s a great way to meet new people.

        Be sure to arrive a couple of hours early before the game, so you have enough time to enjoy it.

        11. Learn About The History of North Point Lighthouse

        Cocooned in the beautiful Lake Park is the bright North Point Lighthouse. Constructed in the year 1888, the lighthouse was built to mark the entry point of the Milwaukee River.

        The History of North Point Lighthouse

        It holds a lot of interesting exhibits and unique artifacts. Plus, there are stories that cover information on the people that helped maintain it.

        The North Point Lighthouse is only ten minutes away from Discovery World, so be sure to stop by before or after your visit. The history of the place is rich and will keep you on your toes the entire trip. 

        12. Take a Walk on the Milwaukee RiverWalk

        Milwaukee RiverWalk is a great addition to the beautiful and lively cityscape. Present on either side of the Milwaukee River, the pedestrian walkway is ideal for a quiet romantic date.

        It’s pretty peaceful and allows you to appreciate the city from afar. It takes you past the public art displays, historical sights, and many cafes and brewpubs. 

        The RiverWalk spans over 3.1 miles and connects to three riverside neighborhoods — Historic Third Ward, Beerline B, and Downtown.

        If you’re in the nearby areas and want a break from the hustle and bustle, come here and allow your mind to relax for a bit. 

        13. Get Some Frozen Custard At Leons

        Leon’s has been serving Milwaukeeans frozen custard since 1942. Today, it’s one of the most famous family-owned custard places in Milwaukee and the state.

        Despite its immense popularity, the prices are quite reasonable and perfect for any budget. Apart from frozen custard, they also sell milkshakes.

        Just be warned that if you go on a hot summer day, don’t be surprised if you see long lines. It’s open every day from 11 am to 11 pm, so it’s the perfect dessert after dinner or lunch. Find it on the map here.

        14. Kayak The Menomonee River

        Menomonee River is one of the three primary rivers in the city. It is 33.0 miles in length and passes through different counties in Wisconsin apart from Milwaukee, like Waukesha and Washington county. Kayaking in the river is one of the most exciting Milwaukee activities.

        If you’re lucky, some of the common fish you might be able to see are brown trout, steelhead, and salmon.

        Apart from kayaking, you can also go boating and canoeing. So, if you love watersports, this is the place to go. It’s fun, and the river takes you along the cityscape of the city. Click here to book an affordable kayak rental online.

        15. Bar Hop At Brady Street

        If you’re trying to figure out what to do in Milwaukee during the night, you can’t go wrong with Brady Street. No trip is complete without going onto the busiest street of the city.

        bar hop at Brady Street

        Brady street is home to numerous bars and restaurants and at night, it’s one of the liveliest parts of Milwaukee. 

        While Water Street features a younger atmosphere with clubs and dancing bars, Brady Street is perfect for adults of any age.

        There are always different events going on throughout the year, like pet parades and social events, so be on the lookout for any fun things that occur in the area while you visit.

        Now You Know What to Do in Milwaukee

        Overall, Milwaukee is a great city to visit no matter what kind of group you’re visiting it with. There are all types of fun activities you can do that everyone can enjoy.

        There is a mix of various cultures from all around the world, offering unique things to do and a great way to experience new things.

        Plus, it’s centered in a strategic location that offers multiple day trip opportunities to places away from the city. If you want a memorable and enjoyable vacation, Milwaukee is one of the best cities to check out in the United States.

        Disclaimer:Goats On The Road is an Amazon Associate and also an affiliate for some other retailers. This means we earn commissions if you click links on our blog and purchase from those retailers.

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        All the Best Looks from Paris Fashion Week SS22

        Victor VIRGILEGetty Photos

        Paris Manner 7 days is closing out a month-lengthy trend fête, and we’re bringing you the leading looks we like from every single collection. Click as a result of to see Loewe channel The Fifth Aspect, Dior’s knockout presentation, and more from the style cash of the earth, in this article.

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        Resource hyperlink

        The 16 Best Natural Hair Moisturizers 2021

        Edward BerthelotGetty Photos

        There are oils, curling creams, and hair refreshing sprays, but is your hair product or service collection total devoid of a nourishing moisturizer? Whether it can be labeled as a moisturizer or a go away-in conditioner, it truly is a holy grail item that rehydrates and shields your hair from the brisk winds, rough towels, harsh ingredients, and sensitive-feely fingers it encounters each day (cue: Solange). Guard your hair in opposition to these terrors with the 16 most effective moisturizers at any time, beneath.

        Retention/Toughness Dual Remedy

        We love a multi-use products! This cure can be used as a detangler, conditioner, or leave-in hair mask. Hydrating coconut milk and avocado de-frizz curls and restore moisture for additional bounce. 

        Depart-In Conditioner

        You can rely on Tracee Ellis Ross’s Pattern Splendor to deliver the softest, most hydrated curls. Reward points for the delicious jasmine, bergamot, and sandalwood scent. 

        Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray

        Spritz on this light-weight conditioning spray manufactured with rosehip, argan, and coconut oils to get rid of frizz and detangle coils. 

        Jamaican Black Castor Oil Improve & Restore Go away-In Conditioner

        Jamaican black castor oil is the star of this intensely nourishing depart-in conditioner, formulated to revive shade-addressed and permed hair. 

        Baomint Moisturizing Curl Defining Product

        Customize your curls thanks to the buildable system identified in Adwoa’s curl cream. Apply the item based your hair’s density and wanted quantity. 

        Curlaide Moisture Butter

        Packed with organic components like green tea, organic and natural rice milk, and jojoba oil, this moisture butter smooths and softens hair for pillow-delicate curls. 

        Gold Sequence Pro-V Hydrating Butter Cream

        A small goes a prolonged way with this thick cream from Pantene’s Gold Collection. The butter-comfortable mix melts into the shaft for manageable and comfortable hair.

        Pink Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion

        When each and every merchandise fails you, you know you can depend on the OG Luster’s Pink Lotion hair moisturizer. The light-weight moisturizers whips your hair again into condition, thanks to provitamin B5 and vitamin E that guards against destruction. 

        Ultra Hydrating Curl Depart-In Cream

        The sweet rose packaging could possibly be deceiving but Kristin Ess’ go away-in conditioner is a hair savior. Frizz? Dryness? This goods fights it all. 

        Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer Intense Cure

        Implement this smooth product to your hair for shiny curls and an intoxicating mango scent.  

        Shea Yogurt Moisturizer

        All of your preferred hair care ingredients—shea butter, sweet almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil and more—are blended to perfection and topped off with a yummy, citrus scent. 

        Shea Butter & Pure Coconut Oil Depart-In Conditioner

        Suave Specialists for Natural Hair

        Suave Industry experts collaborated with around 5,000 women of all ages to provide a moisture wealthy assortment for ladies with pure curls, coils, and waves. The Nourish and Strengthen Leave-In Conditioner feels like butter when utilized to hair. The deeply nourishing components leaves hair smooth from root to tip many thanks to its star ingredient, shea butter. 

        Moisture Wonder Leave In Cream

        For just $5, African Pride whips up a sweet cocktail of five (!) critical oils—coconut, argan, baobab, olive, and grapeseed oil—to build a potent barrier to restore weak, limp strands. 

        Kalahari Smoothie Leave-In

        This thick and silky easy concoction gives ample slip to rake via your hair knot-cost-free and penetrates deep into the hair shaft to make it a lot easier to detangle and style. 

        Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk

        Your journey to delicate and supple hair is missing this nourishing, milk-like cream that melts into your hair like butter. It is really lightweight, so it does not depart any item buildup or weigh down your hair. 

        Double Butter Prosperous Daily Moisturizer

        As I Am’s Coconut CoWash is each naturalista’s holy grail but the DoubleButter Cream is coming for the best location. Enriched with the very best butters (shea and cocoa) and a slew of vital oils, this blend will help to retain moisture and leaves hair delicate for days. 

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        10 Best Van Life Jobs (Easy Ways to Make Money On the Road)

        Have you ever thought about ditching the nine-to-five and hitting the open road to try your hand at van life? 
        Inevitably, what brings that daydream crashing down is the realization that if you don’t punch in for work tomorrow, not only will you not be buying a new van, you might not even be getting groceries this week.
        But wait! There’s no need to completely crush that dream.

        It turns out there are heaps of van life remote jobs you can do. Moreover, right now as more and more industries and roles move online, there has never been a better opportunity to find remote van life jobs.
        From the mountains of Bolivia to outback Australia, modern technology allows us to work in some truly amazing places.

        Kelli and I have been on the road for four years now, working while living in a van.

        During that time, we’ve come up with plenty of tips, tricks, and hacks for van life. But, when we set out to explore South America on our first van life adventure neither of us had jobs nor any clue what we were doing.
        What we did have was a tiny van that barely fit a bed in the back, two laptops, one smartphone, and a limited command of the Spanish language.
        Three years later, we have two new careers as an online English teacher and a technical accounting consultant. Plus a van life blog, and a slightly better van (we still share one phone and our Spanish is still terrible).
        If we were able to find remote jobs for van life sharing a hotspot in the Peruvian jungle, then you can too.
        While there are many vanlife jobs you can physically do on the road such as a therapist, artisan, or busker, this blog post will focus on remote jobs you can do from the back of your van.

        Here are 10 of the best van life jobs that are open to anyone and don’t require highly specific degrees or training.

        Items Needed to Work From a Van

        Before you tell your boss you are heading off-grid and setting off into the unknown, you might want to pack some essentials to make sure your new van life career goes as smoothly as possible. 

        Smartphone (With Hotspot Capability)

        This is the number one tool to get you started with almost every remote van life job.

        Whether you use your phone to take photos as an Instagram influencer or use your hotspot to run virtual meetings as a high-powered executive, a quality, reliable phone is extremely important.

        Good Laptop

        Most remote positions are going to require the use of a laptop. For van life work, you are generally going to need a quality computer with long battery life, good video and sound quality, and one that won’t break easily as the closest store or repair shop can often be a long way away.

        best van life jobs

        Have a look at this list of the best laptops for remote workers. 

        A Functional and Comfortable Work Space

        This is optional but strongly recommended.

        I taught online for years crammed into the front of my van with a makeshift backdrop hanging behind me, so it is possible to hold down a job without a dedicated workspace.

        However, if you are working from a van then creating a proper space to work will make life much more comfortable.

        Depending on the vanlife jobs you are looking at, this could be anything from a fold-up camp chair to a completely outfitted mobile music studio.

        For most, it should include a comfortable seat, table, desk or work surface, a clean backdrop for video calls, and access to electricity… which brings me to our next point.


        Van life doesn’t come standard with electric sockets. You are going to need to think of a solution to keeping your work devices charged and the lights on while you work. 

        This could be as simple as a universal 12-volt adapter to charge your devices from the car cigarette lighter while driving and a head-torch. Or as complex as a solar-charged battery bank hooked up to a 240-volt inverter.

        Work Clothes

        Depending on your van life job you may require work clothes. If you work remotely but your role involves dealing with customers, clients, or colleagues via video conferencing you may need a good shirt. Pants, however, are entirely optional.

        1. Online English Teacher

        Teaching English has long been a popular career or short-term stopgap for travelers.

        For ages, English-speaking backpackers have found a way to extend trips to Europe, Asia, and many other non-English speaking regions by using their native speaker status to snag jobs in schools and language centers around the world.

        Today things are changing, quickly.

        Over the last decade, and particularly over the last two years, rapid and widespread adoption of remote and online learning has changed the industry. Roles that formally required you to be on-site can now be done remotely from the back of a van. 

        Teach Chinese school children in the morning and Polish adults in the evening. As a freelance English teacher, you can beam into any country on the planet while you are parked up by a beach in Mexico.

        Potential Salary

        Pay for this type of work is often hourly. Starting wages for brand new English teachers can begin around $10 an hour but range up to $50 an hour for professional and sought-after English tutors.

        How to Find Work

        You can apply online directly to the many online companies that provide online English. Have a look at PrePly, Cambly, Italki, Teachable, Outschool and Profly.

        But, before you begin searching for a job you may want to think about:

        • How many hours and days you can commit to
        • What sort of salary you want
        • Whether you prefer teaching adults or children 
        • Whether you are interested in group classes or one-on-one teaching
        • If you will have time to prepare your own lessons or would prefer a school that provides course programs and class management software

        This can help narrow down your search and find a school that suits your needs.

        What You Need to Get Started

        In addition to the items needed to work in a van listed above, most schools will have a list of minimum requirements which commonly include any bachelor’s level degree and teaching qualifications such as a TEFL or CELTA.

        Many schools prefer native speakers sometimes from a specific list of countries.

        Schools will usually ask for some variation of these requirements and you should check the specific requirements for any school you are planning on applying to.

        If you meet most but not all the criteria, it may still be worth applying as the only true requirement for effective English teachers is a solid grasp of the language and the ability to lead an engaging and interesting class.

        2. Writer

        Freelance travel writers, copywriters, and content creators are just a few examples of writing roles that make great van life remote jobs.

        There are plenty of remote work opportunities for talented freelance writers without experience, or a formal degree.

        Aside from the traditional models like freelance writing directly for publications, the shift toward the gig economy means there are a lot more flexible opportunities to fulfill one-off tasks or short-term contracts.

        This work doesn’t involve too much interaction with other people making it an ideal option for those travelers who love to get off-grid.

        Potential Salary

        On freelancing sites, like Fiverr and Upwork, writers set their own rates. Rates for writers on these sites typically range from $10 per hour up to $100 per hour.

        Writing articles for publications often pay by the word and writers can expect to get somewhere between $0.10 and $1 per word depending on the publication. Often, however, writers are paid a flat rate per article.

        How to Find Work

        Freelance marketplaces, like Solid Gigs, Fiverr and Upwork, let writers post their profiles for businesses to browse and engage. You can also pitch directly to job posts.

        If you are interested in writing articles directly for media outlets, have a look at some of the online publications that accept freelance submissions (and how much they pay). This post provides a helpful list of travel freelance outlets to get you started.  

        What You Need to Get Started

        Without any specialised gear outside of a laptop and internet connection to get going, writing is one of the easiest van life jobs to get started in.

        3. Freelance or Consulting Professional

        If you already have a degree and some experience but have decided the daily grind is not for you, you could consider finding a fully remote position or becoming a freelancer or consultant in your area of specialty. 

        Accountants, financial planners, marketers, architects, IT specialists, and many other professionals are trading the office for the beach and you can too. 

        You can leverage a degree you already have and put it to use supporting the lifestyle you want. As a freelancer, you get to set your own price, set your own hours, and take on tasks and jobs that interest you from anywhere in the world.

        remote jobs from a van

        Potential Salary

        Freelance gigs to complete one-off tasks or short projects typically run from between $40 per hour to $100 per hour depending on your field and level of expertise and can lead to more work if you impress.

        Consulting work opportunities exist where companies have a project for which they don’t have a required specialist in-house. 

        This work might come with a statement of work that nominates a rate and a maximum amount of billable hours. Consulting can be more lucrative but less flexible.

        As remote work becomes more and more mainstream, there should be little difference between the remuneration for remote or on-site positions.

        How to Find Work and FlexJobs are great places to find freelance or consulting gigs and if you play your cards right this can be a foot-in-the-door opportunity for more stable work.

        Using Linkedin or your personal network is another way to source opportunities. Salaried, fully remote positions can be found on FlexJobs and

        What You Need to Get Started

        In addition to your laptop, phone, and a nice shirt, you will need some experience in the field and ideally a strong network that can help you find opportunities.  

        4. eCourse Creator

        The rise of eLearning has been meteoric. Compared to traditional classrooms, eLearning is easier and cheaper to access, more specific to your needs, self-paced and flexible. 

        Overall it is becoming more attractive to tech-savvy learners who are finding traditional education too slow to respond to a changing world.

        With the popularity of eLearning comes new opportunities for self-starters to provide meaningful content to eager audiences.

        As the only requirement is a webcam and a computer it can be an ideal business for van life.

        While you don’t need a formal qualification you will need to be an expert at something. The good news is, the list of things you can create an eCourse about is literally endless.

        Courses exist for everything from psychology to skateboarding.  The trick is identifying what knowledge you have that others will pay to access.

        Potential Salary

        As with any small business, creating and selling your own course has unlimited potential to earn money. As a course is an infinite resource once it is created you can sell it again and again.

        However, as with any business, it also comes without guarantees. It can be time-consuming to create. It will also take time and financial investment to market a course and attract students.

        Courses can sell for anywhere from $20 for brief instructionals through to $1000s for in-depth courses with hours of video content, learning materials, and proven student outcomes. 

        How to Find Work

        You will need to need to do your homework to find a course topic that aligns with your knowledge and public demand.

        Then you need to create a course, upload it using a media platform, an existing eCourse platform, or a personal website, and finally market your course online. Have a look at these top platforms for selling online courses.

        What You Need to Get Started

        In addition to a reliable laptop and smartphone, you may need dedicated studio space in your van where you can film yourself to create the course content.

        You will also need an online platform where you can host your eLearning course content. Goats On The Road use and recommend Teachable. 

        You may also opt to use an LMS (learning management system) to help build and deliver courses and social media to help promote your courses.

        5. Influencer

        An influencer could be a blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, steamer, or pure social media influencer. They are people who have developed recognition and reputation as an expert on a certain topic and have an audience of engaged subscribers, viewers, visitors or followers.

        Whether you make great margaritas, are a whizz at Tetris, or happen to be a WWI history buff, there’s probably a community of like-minded individuals looking for content from an expert like you.

        Why It’s Great for Van Life

        Being an influencer is truly a job that can be done from anywhere, even working from a van.

        In fact, given the nature of the job, traveling by van as you upload your expert advice or entertainment from the road may even be the point of difference that sets you apart from the competition.

        Potential Salary

        Becoming an influencer is another business and your income is potentially unlimited but without guarantee. No one can say for sure if and when your star will rise as an influencer.

        Many influencers don’t succeed, but if you are dedicated, take the time to properly learn about the industry, and commit yourself there is no reason why anyone cannot generate serious income through influencing.

        How to Find Work

        You will need to establish yourself by releasing content on a media platform and developing an audience. Depending on the type of influencer you are and the niche you specialize in, monetization may come from advertising, donations, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and more.

        What You Need to Get Started

        Of course, you will need a phone, laptop and wifi connection. You may also need a quality camera and microphone. BUT above all, the first thing you should do to get started as an influencer is to enroll in a course from an expert in the field you are interested in.

        Contrary to what most people believe, becoming a successful influencer is not easy, and success is not based on luck or even talent.

        Whatever your niche or platform, there are tried and tested methods to grow your audience, you will need to learn and implement these methods if you are going to succeed. 

        6. Photographer

        Knowing your way around a camera is almost a pre-requisite for life today. But those skills you have been honing for the ‘gram may also be the key to one of the best jobs for vanlifers.

        van life inspiration

        To make money from your photography skills remotely you can sell stock photos online, sell prints of your photography, or sell photos for publication.

        Why It’s Great for Van Life

        Vanlife and photography go together perfectly. Every day provides new subject matter and inspiration as the environment around you continues to change.

        You won’t need to make a special trip to exotic destinations, you’re already there. Nor do you need to get up well before dawn to capture the sunrise if you are already parked overlooking a mountain vista or deserted beach.

        Photography doesn’t require adhering to a fixed schedule and requires little interaction with customers, clients, or colleagues.

        Potential Salary

        Salary will be dependent on the size of your portfolio, the quality of your work, and the reputation you develop as a professional photographer.

        Normally, by combining different ways of selling your photos, you may be able to generate anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month.

        Stock photos generally bring in 0.25 – 0.45 cents per month. That means, if you develop a large portfolio of 1000+ quality images that people are actively searching for you, could earn $250 – $450 per month.

        Stock photos can be sold again and again, so as your portfolio grows so does your income.

        Selling prints of your photos on Etsy or other art marketplaces can be another way to make money from your photos. Prints can sell for $30 but you will be responsible for organizing printing and postage.

        Just like for stock photos, you’ll need to make sure you are selling quality prints that many people are looking for, but few are producing.

        Finally, you can sell your photos directly to publications. Established publications can pay around $1,000 for a photo collection and story to accompany them.

        How to Find Work

        You can upload stock photos directly to websites like Focus on uploading photos that are in high demand but where there is limited content. Photograph specific places and label the photos accordingly.

        You can sell prints of your photos through Etsy. All you’ll need to do is open an Etsy profile and advertise your prints.

        Finally, you can take in-depth photo stories of the places you travel to and accompany them with a written piece about the photography. You can pitch these photo stories to travel publications which can pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for quality work.

        What You Need to Get Started

        In addition to a good laptop and wifi connection, you are going to need a high-quality camera and some photo editing software.

        7. Graphic Designer

        Another job that requires nothing more than a laptop, wifi, and some graphic design software makes it simple to work on the road.

        free graphic design software

        Today graphic designing jobs are easily found on freelancing websites. The bulk of graphic design work is done individually making it flexible for van life. 

        Potential Salary

        Graphic Designers charge between $10 and $150 an hour on freelance websites with the most charging between $20 – $50.

        How to Find Work

        Fiverr is a great place to start advertising your graphic design profile and looking for project listings. Find listings where the brief matches your level and style and start sending pitches.

        A formal degree in design is not as important to clients as making sure you have a portfolio of high-quality work that aligns with your client’s vision.

        Flexjobs is one of the best websites for finding work. There are usually around 1,000 graphic design positions on this website at a time

        Click here for a list of the current remote graphic design jobs on FlexJobs. Use promo code NOMAD at checkout and receive 30% off your FlexJobs membership.

        What You Need to Get Started

        In addition to wifi and a computer, you will need some dedicated design software, hardware and other equipment. To create great images, graphic design software like Photoshop is essential.

        Here’s a list of the best graphic design tools that you’ll need.

        8. Musician

        For a long time (like thousands of years) being a traveling musician meant playing your trade in pubs, on street corners, and in subway stations.

        Maybe selling a few tapes or CDs from the back of the car. Today, the proliferation of digital streaming means that no longer do you have to get by on the change people drop in your hat. 

        What’s more, while in the past the idea of setting up a drum kit and harp in the van was completely impossible, modern digital studios remove the need for bulky instruments.

        Even studio-level recording equipment has shrunk to the size where it can comfortably fit into your van.

        Potential Salary

        At around $35,000, the average musician’s annual salary is lower than some other remote jobs. However, the potential earnings are very high for talented musicians that find mainstream success. 

        The trick to developing a livable income as a musician is combining a variety of income streams from your skills.

        How to Find Work

        You can compose and release your own music from which you can earn money on a music streaming website like Soundcloud or Spotify.

        You can find paid gigs on services like Fiverr where companies need songwriters, vocalists, mixing, mastering and production services, jingles, beats, and much much more.

        Create a YouTube account and build up your audience and make money from ads or Patreon.

        Finally, you can sell royalty-free music for use in advertising, online, and television media. Market places like make selling royalty-free music simple!

        What You Need to Get Started

        To produce and record music from a van, you will need an onboard studio with recording equipment and any production equipment you require.

        While building a mobile studio can seem like a pretty daunting task, there are plenty of examples online of musicians that have made incredible vanlife music studios.

        9. Developer

        A developer is someone who creates software or applications. But, you don’t need a college degree or even a background in IT to become a developer.

        Today software development can be done remotely from anywhere in the world, and the IT industry is a leading proponent of remote working solutions.

        Many developers work remotely and many companies are 100% remote!

        This forward-thinking view creates advantages for IT companies such as lower overheads and a larger talent pool. It also means more opportunities for developers to give van life a whirl.

        working in a van remote jobs

        Potential Salary

        With the prevalence and acceptance of remote-only jobs in this field, you should expect to earn the same whether remotely or on-site. 

        With a high starting salary, a median salary above $100,000, and a low unemployment rate, becoming a developer may be one of the most lucrative jobs for vanlife.

        How to Find Work

        There are plenty of job openings for developers who know their stuff, and this industry is more likely to look for talent and expertise above formal qualifications.

        That being said, these companies are looking for real experts in the field and you’ll be asked to prove and deliver on your abilities to hold down a job in this sector. 

        If you are new to developing, start by looking for your dream job online and working backward to find out the skills and technical abilities you need to learn to score that role.

        If you’re already qualified, have a look at Upwork, Fiverr or FlexJobs for work, or create your own portfolio online and start marketing yourself.

        What You Need to Get Started

        As a developer, your bandwidth appetite might go beyond what is required of other van life jobs, and a dedicated standalone wifi hotspot with its own data plan might be necessary.

        If you don’t already know how to code then you will need to choose a programming language and begin to learn it back to front.

        10. Proofreader and Editor

        An editor provides feedback on the tone, style, and structure of writing in the draft stages. A proofreader checks the final draft of a document for any spelling, grammatical, or formatting mistakes. 

        proofreading jobs from home

        Traditionally two separate roles in the days of print media, more and more employers want skilled online workers to kill two birds with one stone.

        You can be that stone. Proofreading and editing is a 100% remote job that can be performed from the back of a van anywhere in the world that has access to the internet.

        While you won’t necessarily need a degree in writing, you will need an eye for detail. You will also need to master the basics of proofing and editing for a range of writing styles and applications.

        Potential Salary

        Hourly rates for entry-level proofreaders begin around $15 – $25 dollars. Professionals that have mastered editing documents for different styles of writing can earn up to $50 per hour.

        If you specialize, for example into legal or medical proofreading and editing, rates can go up to $90 per hour.

        How to Find Work

        You can find entry-level editing and proofreading opportunities on Fiverr and Upwork.

        Once you have developed some experience, dedicated online proofreading and editing services such as Sribendi or Contena connect companies with experienced and proven professionals. 

        Have a look at our article for the 10 best proofreading jobs available. 

        What You Need to Get Started

        A computer, wifi, and word processing software are the only requirements for this flexible van life job. Having programs such as Grammarly on your computer are a must as well. 

        If you haven’t studied writing or worked in the field before there are some great online courses to help you learn the ropes of proofreading and editing for mistakes, format, style, tone, and specific writing conventions.

        Some schools such as Proof Reading Academy even include training and support to help you find jobs in the industry. 

        make money as a proofreader online

        Bonus: The Jack of All Trades

        Many of these remote van life jobs combine well to create multiple streams of income and many people working from the road find they have to wear many hats to keep the lights on.

        A great photographer can also develop an Instagram following. An English teacher might use their skills to write freelance pieces for travel publications.

        A consulting professional can share their journey through a blog. A musician can supplement their income by creating an eCourse on using a mini-studio.

        Generating multiple streams of income is one of the great opportunities that exist for many remote vanlife jobs

        Potential Salary

        Combing a steady income with a business is the key to unlocking true wealth from the road. A regular wage that you can live off can provide security and pay for day-to-day expenses.

        By working on developing complementary businesses based on your existing job, your skills, and the opportunities a life of travel provides, you can unlock passive income that can help you build wealth for the future (or a bigger van).

        How to Find Work

        Step one is to secure a regular income by finding stable employment, regular gigs or developing a large portfolio.

        Once you have successfully locked in a regular income stream you can start to think about how you can use your skills to develop one of the 100% remote businesses mentioned above.

        What You Need to Get Started

        As a budding entrepreneur, you will need passion, patience, and resolve.


        We are currently witnessing a global shift to a more connected and more flexible world and not just for some but for most.

        From creatives to number bots, extroverts to introverts, beginners to professionals, salary earners to business owners, never before have there been more opportunities to find not just a job but a real career that you can take with you on the road.

        At the same time, internet technology and infrastructure is developing at a rapid speed and more and more places are becoming available to remote workers.

        Places where a few years ago the idea of getting a reliable internet connection would be laughable, you can now connect to super-fast mobile internet with your cell phone.

        If you have ever set aside your dream of van life because you weren’t sure how you could work on the road, that excuse no longer exists.

        Disclaimer:Goats On The Road is an Amazon Associate and also an affiliate for some other retailers. This means we earn commissions if you click links on our blog and purchase from those retailers.

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