Paris Street Style Fall 2021

Tyler Joe

Paris fashion 7 days enters with a bang this year. Off the runway, the streets exploded, and it was all captured by resident photographer Tyler Joe. He zoomed in on bold sportswear, banana-shaped footwear, and luggage ranging from stuffed animals to totes huge adequate to carry an total spring assortment. In the jewelry section, showgoers arrived in sweet-coloured baubles dripping in sweet decadence. To sum it up, far more actually is a lot more at PFW.

Swipe for a sartorial joyride by means of the Metropolis of Gentle and all the model it has to present, below.

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How to Take Care of Piercings the Right Way

As Rihanna, FKATwigs, and Zoe Kravitz can illustrate, adorning oneself with piercings continues to be cooler than ever, no make a difference your aesthetic. Whilst they’re stunning and a exciting way to add edge, a good collection of piercings calls for specific accountability. To debunk any myths, we requested J. Colby Smith—the chosen piercer of models, celebs, and editors alike—to give us his specialist information for suffering-absolutely free aftercare, and to notify us what we could be doing mistaken. (Spoiler: A ton.)

As a preventative measure, inquire your piercer to use a needle, not a “gun.

“The ‘gun’ forces the earring by way of with force, so it triggers a large amount of pointless damage to the tissue. It’s also tricky to control the sterilization of a tool with plastic sections,” Smith claims, “With a needle, we have more handle of accuracy, and it really is completely sterile. It operates like a scalpel, earning a little incision into the tissue, leaving minimum injury to the space. It’s also a fantasy that the gun hurts less—if a needle piercing is accomplished properly, the ache is incredibly insignificant.”

Be balanced.

Smith advises maintaining your body hydrated. A healthful diet is normally critical but in particular just after a piercing. Also make positive to steer clear of extra trauma to the piercing location. As Smith says, “Most irritations occur from bumping, snagging or sleeping on new piercings.”

To treatment for a refreshing piercing, wash with cleaning soap and drinking water or saline solution—not rubbing alcohol—twice a day.

“I come across alcoholic beverages dries the piercing out,” Smith explains, “If it receives far too dry, it cracks and bleeds, resulting in the wound to continue being open. I like oil-primarily based soaps for this explanation. They clear the wound, but also supply oils to soften up the healing tissue.”

Create a schedule for by yourself.

In advance of you contact your new piercing it is really very best to wash your hands with soap and water. You can moisten the piercing with clean fingers and throughly clean the pierced area. Soon after, rinse off the area with warm drinking water.

Indeed, you can “convert” the earring—but ONLY when it’s wet.

“Flip it if it is soaked and you are cleansing it. If it truly is dry, do not shift it,” Smith warns.

Know that a cartilage piercing will demand a bit additional TLC than a lobe piercing.

“Just about anything in the cartilage area is additional temperamental all through the therapeutic procedure,” Smith states, “They truly feel about the same to obtain, but can be far more tricky to mend.”

Hold an eye out for indications of healing—and know how extended you may possibly have to wait around.

“Ear lobes ordinarily get about two to a few months to heal, and cartilage requires about a few to 10 months. The moment it stops hurting, swelling, and secreting fluid, and any redness disappears, it truly is healed,” Smith clarifies.

And help issues along as ideal you can.

“It can take a individual mentality to assistance piercings mend 100 p.c. Your body’s occupation is to get rid of overseas objects, so it really is a minor little bit of a dance you have to do,” Smith claims, “You should be affected individual and nurse it to wellness. Occasionally the uncomplicated matters are the greatest: Cleaning soap and h2o to clear, and ice for the swelling. If you consider your aftercare severely, you can stay away from any complications.”

If your piercing is bothering you, never worry.

“If you detect too much swelling, redness, or radiating warmth, or if the piercing is secreting fluid, really don’t stress—nine out of 10 instances, your piercing is only irritated and not infected,” Smith assures. “Any dependable piercer will get a glimpse at your piercing and set your brain at ease. Hardly ever panic—worst case we just eliminate the jewelry. Will not request your mates, look for on-line, or go to the physician. Your piercer should be your first end if you are the slightest little bit concerned, no 1 else.”

How to: the before, all through, after

Preparing for your piercing:

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What to assume:

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Cleaning and getting treatment of your piercing:

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    Has Fashion Kept Its Diversity Promise? Industry Insiders Discuss

    Leah RomeroGetty Images

    After the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by police, the protests that ensued during the summer of 2020 cornered a number of industries into publicly declaring their support for the Black community. Fashion was no exception. Long-known for its less-than-stellar reputation for racial diversity, brands across all facets of the business made formal and informal commitments to do better. But has there been any progress?

    A comprehensive New York Times piece published in April highlights quite plainly the executive level’s response to members of the press inquiring about fashion’s diversity problem: only allowing interviews via email or questions in advance, relying heavily on PR jargon to describe their diversity initiatives, and completely shying away from sharing hard numbers.

    Specifically, a set of questions sent to the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) via email (a phoner was not possible due to a scheduling conflict, according to their rep) didn’t reveal much in the way of measuring exactly how far along the company has made strides on diversity.

    The response eventually came from CFDA president CaSandra Diggs herself. Diggs was appointed in August of last year, the first Black person to assume the role in the company’s 59-year history. She pointed out the limits of quantifying by race: “While I understand the desire to focus on numbers to keep companies accountable, the primary focus on quotas, which emphasize quantity over quality, does little to help usher in the sea change,” she said via email. “Quotas can undermine the confidence of Black talent and erode their true value to companies as their presence is branded ‘tokenism.’”

    precious lee siriano

    Precious Lee walks the runway for Christian Siriano’s spring/summer 2022 show.

    Mike CoppolaGetty Images

    She isn’t totally wrong, but it’s difficult to measure progress without focusing on the numbers. The tech industry also has a poor reputation on the diversity front, but giants like Google have easily accessible data breaking down the racial makeup of their employees. That level of transparency would be a step in the right direction.

    The job of holding fashion companies accountable has unfortunately fallen to the very people who have had to claw their way to the top. Black in Fashion Council, which was founded by The Cut editor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner and publicist Sandrine Charles, is focusing on a top-down approach to ensuring brands keep their word. Founded last year, the organization is made up of professionals with varying roles in the industry. Though strategy differs from company to company, according to Wagner, “with every single one, we have quarterly calls to go over specific initiatives that they have put in writing.” In addition to providing guidance to companies, Black in Fashion Council hosts job fairs, town halls, and showrooms featuring Black designers.

    The increase in interest for working with the Black in Fashion Council can be attributed to the fact that “companies are seeing what we’re doing and we have tangible results,” said Charles, adding that she thinks brands “want to be a part of the change we’re trying to make.”

    When asked about its company goals or benchmarks it would like to reach in terms of the amount of Black talent represented, LVMH responded via email: “LVMH’s goal in the U.S. is to increase the representation of people of color (inclusive of Black talent) in senior leadership positions to 30 percent (versus 26 percent currently), while our employee base is 64 percent non-white (including 12 percent Black talent).” It’s also worth noting that companies are not allowed to gather diversity statistics in many European countries, including France and Italy.

    This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

    One of LVMH’s benchmark brands, Sephora, “is making strides with strong D&I initiatives,” they wrote. An example of that commitment seems to be the cosmetic retailer’s decision to take the 15 Percent Pledge.

    The 15 Percent Pledge, a non-profit created last summer by designer Aurora James, asks retailers to make a contractual commitment to dedicate 15 percent of their shelf space to Black-owned brands over the course of an agreed upon length of time. The pledge includes a quarterly audit and an assessment of recruiting practices. To date, 27 retailers have taken the pledge, including Nordstrom, Gap Inc., Madewell, and Kith.

    “If you have a retail store where 40 percent of your employees are Black, but then you have 2 percent of your corporate staff that’s Black, no Black board members, and then 70 percent of your models and your marketing campaigns are BIPOC, that’s optical allyship.” With this statement, James is highlighting how brands can often give off a veneer of diversity, without actually doing the work to achieve those goals. That is precisely what she’s trying to upset with her organization.

    Despite roughly a year and a half out from its founding in May 2020, James has already seen the impact of the pledge. “I see those dollars at work. I see those purchase orders that they’re giving to Black-owned businesses.”

    The job of holding fashion companies accountable has unfortunately fallen to the very people who have had to claw their way to the top.

    The fashion industry is of course made up of all kinds of professions, most of whom don’t work in its highest ranks: hair stylists, makeup and nail artists, photographers, stylists, editors, publicists, casting agents, and countless assistants and interns. Whether any change is happening and whether it’s being felt has to go beyond speaking to people in the C-suite of major companies. Which means, measuring the progress of racial diversity is going to be long, arduous, and complex. For Black professionals in the industry, many of whom work in a freelance capacity, COVID-19 added another devastating layer to 2020.

    For Kelly Bellevue, a 31-year-old New York-based makeup artist, work ground to a halt until early 2021. Now that she is working consistently, she said she has noticed a difference in the amount of diversity on set. “Prior to 2020, I—and maybe one other assistant—would be the only Black people on set,” she said. After COVID restrictions eased, “I have not been on a set where I’m the only Black person… ever.”

    Celebrity hairstylist Naeemah Lafond, 42, shared similar sentiments. “For the first time ever, I’m seeing Black talent on set, consistently,” she wrote. Lafond, who published her own Instagram guide on how the industry can show up for Black hair stylists last summer, has also served as a mentor in an incubator program created last year by The Wall Group to pair talent at the agency with creatives from underrepresented backgrounds.

    That progress hasn’t been felt by Kuoth Weil, a 30-year-old model and actress based in Los Angeles. She said that, in her experience, there hasn’t been “any kind of strides in terms of the promise that brands had made in order to make sure that Black or people of color get equity for the work that they’re doing.”

    sergio hudson ss22

    Sergio Hudson

    Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

    Michael Rotimi, the 31-year-old founder of Offshore, said his model and talent agency was always viewed as a place “where you could find Black talent.” After the protests last year, “people that probably already knew about me took the opportunity to reach out and work with me to, ​​I guess, feel less guilty about their normal practices.” Rotimi described that time as “an influx” but outreach gradually “just kinda got like less and less, but still steady.”

    Even as those “steady” incremental changes are made, some may question whether it’s sincere. Jorge Wright, a freelance casting director who is most known for casting non-models of color, said he has seen some improvements but doesn’t know “if it’s genuine.” Wright said he hasn’t personally experienced a real change in the amount of work he has gotten, though he notes his friends signed to agencies have seen a boost. “I’m at the point in my Blackness where I’ll take it how I can get it,” Wright said. “I don’t care what your intents were. It is what it is. She got paid, we got paid, and we look great.”

    Even within the Black community, your professional experiences are shaped in large part by your perceived racial makeup. New York-based photographer Cheril Sanchez is conscious of the fact that, as a fair-skinned Afro-Latina, she may not have always had the same struggles as darker-skinned professionals in her field. That said, she wants to take a step back from the industry and focus on telling more personal stories in her work, adding, “I love working in fashion, but there’s a lot of gate-keeping going on.”

    As one of the recipients of Harlem’s Fashion Row Icon 360 grant, designer Sergio Hudson, 37, sees progress being made to amplify Black talent. He also recognizes that there is a long-held perception that Black designers aren’t expected to make luxury clothing. Hudson, whose garments have been worn by the likes of Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris, believes Black designers are often shut out of the American sportswear category. “Why?” he asks. “Because we’re not expected to make clothing that the First Lady would want to wear.”

    jourdan ash

    Though content creator Jourdan Ash’s focus is on streetwear and not luxury, the platform that she is building with True to Us highlights Black and brown women in a segment of the industry that has gotten visibly more white, despite Black people being its main source of inspiration. “In sneakers and streetwear, in order to have a space in these areas, you have to look a certain way and be a certain type of attractive,” said the 28-year-old Harlem native​​. “In 2021, we shouldn’t even have to be looking at a campaign where we ask, ‘Where are the Black women?’”

    For photographer Breyona Holt, 26, Black women are her primary subjects, but acceptance in the industry has come with caveats. “Although they took chances on a lot of us throughout the year, we were micromanaged throughout the entire process,” she said. And for the Black creatives getting high-profile campaigns for the first time, determining their rates will also be a hurdle. “When you talk to other white artists, you realize that because we had never been in a space like this, we don’t even know the rates that were happening before,” Holt said. “So some of us are still being paid under the wage that we’re actually supposed to be paid for the role.”

    What can have an impact is mentorship—someone who is committed to showing you the ropes and helping you succeed. “I feel like there are so many opportunities to take someone under your wing and make a complete difference in their lives,” said publicist Ah-Niyah Gold, whose client list includes the platform Black Fashion Fair. Having a mentor who introduced her to all aspects of the industry ultimately led her to PR, and eventually starting her own agency. “I just feel like those things ultimately will help build us up and also keep us informed and not in the dark.”

    According to Clara Jeon, co-founder of Chapter 2, a communications and brand management agency, “While there are more press opportunities for Black designers, I get really frustrated by the doubling down on the sense of otherness.” Jeon, who is Asian, points out that during Black History Month she gets increased interest in the Black designers on her roster. “Where are you every other month?” she asks rhetorically.

    fashion industry diversity problem

    Eyeglasses by Ember Niche.


    If fashion companies are committed to a more diverse workforce, how they recruit from colleges is an important point of focus. “There was significant interest and outreach from fashion companies saying they want diverse talent for internships and employment,” said Tardis Johnson, Associate Dean for Student Academic Support at the Fashion Institute of Technology. “We had the pandemic happening, so that put limitations on what can be done as part of recruitment.”

    Brandice Daniel, founder and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row, also recognizes the need to prioritize college students and HBCUs in particular. “We made supporting HBCU Fashion Departments a pillar for our non-profit ICON360,” she said. “When we spoke with Gap Inc. about this pillar, they wanted to support it immediately.” That support came in the form of a collaboration called “Closing the Gap,” funded by the retailer in the form of $510,000 awarded to ten historically Black colleges and universities.

    For all the talk of inclusion and acceptance into the fashion industry, it’s also worth asking how much designers even care to be a part of the industry in any formal capacity. Black designers don’t necessarily need to be on the fashion calendar to succeed. These days, all it takes is a Shopify account and cultivating a community of people who love your product.

    When it comes to expectations of the fashion industry, Ember Niche co-founder Timothy Campbell said he doesn’t have any. “I feel like we’re moving into a more decentralized world,” he said. Campbell’s eyewear brand got a grant, not from old-guard gatekeepers like the CFDA, but from the rapper 2 Chainz. “People are just going and finding their own little communities,” he said, adding, “we don’t have to rely on that industry.”

    sade mims of edas

    Sade Mims of EDAS.


    On the opposite end, Jameel Mohammed, 26, who founded the jewelry brand Khiry in 2016, has felt palpable support from the fashion industry. In fact, he’s received $200,000 in grants all in. Despite that funding, Mohammed says he’s planning for a day when the level of interest he received in the past year or so wanes. His goal is to “be less dependent on the co-sign of people with power because you have it yourself.”

    Overall, it seems most will point out that, though positive change is happening at a snail’s pace in the fashion industry, it is indeed happening. People who feel that change and how much they stand to benefit is going to be determined by what their profession is and their level in the hierarchy.

    Fashion is, of course, about clothing and the designers who create them, but countless other workers keep the industry chugging along. It might be time to have a more expansive conversation about who really deserves the industry’s support.

    Sade Mims, who founded the accessories line EDAS in 2015, said she’s made the most money of her career in these last two years alone. “America is having a deep awakening with its history,” she said. “People are still holding themselves accountable. But I do wonder what that looks like five years from now.” Your move, fashion industry.

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    Saks Fifth Avenue Friends & Family Sale 2021: Tom Ford, Olaplex, More

    As you begin to round out your wardrobe with fall essentials like chunky sweaters and high-performance boots, don’t forget to transition your beauty routine to cold-weather staples too. The holiday rush is already around the corner, which is why Saks Fifth Avenue’s Friends & Family Sale feels especially timely this year.

    In addition to offering up to 15 percent off luxe beauty staples like Byredo’s Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum and NARS’s iconic Orgasm Blush, the retailer has a ton of rare deals available on skincare, haircare, makeup, and fragrance sets to gift your favorite beauty lover (even if that’s you). Since the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it event runs only through Monday, October 4, we’ve pulled together a shortlist of some of the best beauty markdowns worth shopping right now. Here, the 17 best beauty gift sets on sale at Saks to surprise and delight your own friends and family once the holidays hit.


    The Discovery Cream 2-Piece Set

    $305 $259.25

    We suggest moving quickly on this limited-time deal to snag these culty and celebrity-loved face creams before they’re out of stock.


    Advanced Night Repair 4-Piece Skincare Set

    $107 $90.95

    Upgrade their nighttime routine with this four-piece skincare set, which includes a concentrate, treatment lotion, eye cream, and Estée Lauder’s iconic Advanced Night Repair Serum Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex.


    Don’t Despair, Repair! Strengthening Solutions 4-Piece Set

    $62 $52.70

    This gift set features essentials from Briogeo’s beloved Don’t Despair, Repair! collection, which is ideal to help fortify and hydrate dry, damaged hair.


    3-Piece Twirl Convertible Curling Iron Set

    $335 $284.75

    Here’s a versatile curling iron that comes with three interchangeable barrel options to craft the perfect look.


    Nashville 9-Piece Travel Kit

    $70 $59.50

    For the friend who’s frequently catching flights, this travel-friendly grooming kit has staples like body cleanser, shampoo, moisturizer, and mouthwash to make packing their carry-on practically seamless.


    Private Blend Discovery 6-Piece Set

    $99 $84.15

    The person looking for a new signature perfume (or just the Tom Ford enthusiast) will appreciate being gifted this collection of mini fragrances from the designer’s personal scent laboratory.


    Healthy Hair Essentials 4-Piece Set

    $60 $51

    This four-piece set contains many of Olaplex’s top-rated hair products, from the No.3 Hair Protector to the No.7 Bonding Oil.


    8-Piece Discovery Kit

    $110 $93.50

    You can’t go wrong with this starter kit of favorites from Dr. Barbara Sturm; the brand’s face and eye creams, cleanser, facial scrub, anti-aging body cream, and even a vial of hyaluronic acid are all here.  


    Great for Fine Hair

    Hair Rituel 3-Piece Volumizing Kit

    $70 $59.50

    This haircare set from Sisley-Paris is literally made to pump up the volume, thanks to its shampoo, hair mask, and texturizing spray.


    The More, The Merrier Beauty Holiday Advent Calendar 12-Piece Set

    $65 $55.25

    Add to their holy grail makeup go-tos with a surprising Advent calendar from Benefit Cosmetics that makes it fun for a friend or family member to count down to Christmas.   


    Great for Acne-Prone Skin

    All About Acne 5-Piece Set

    $95 $80.75

    Anyone who deals with ongoing breakouts will get lots of use out of this five-piece set that features some of Sunday Riley’s most powerful acne fighters, including its Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment and A+ High-Dose Retinol Serum. 


    Rolling In Love Refillable 4-Piece Travel Set

    $195 $165.75

    Always keep perfume handy with this refillable spray bottle set that includes three vials of Kilian’s ambrette and iris scented Rolling in Love Eau de Parfum.


    Elite Rose Goldtone 9-Piece Holiday Set

    $250 $212.50

    Whether they’re a beauty newbie or total professional, this stunning brush set—which contains five brushes, two bottles of cleansing foam, and two carrying cases—is optimal for any makeup lover. 


    Ultimate Wellbeing 10-Piece Bath & Shower Oil Collection

    $99 $84.15

    Transform their next bathing experience with these soothing bath and shower gels that help them take a moment to destress and unwind.


    Anti-Aging 3-Piece Pitera Power Kit

    $110 $93.50

    Get your hands on this skincare bundle from SK-II that features the brand’s coveted Pitera Facial Treatment Essence.


    The Fragrance Wardrobe Discovery Collection For Him 8-Piece Set

    $275 $233.75

    To surprise a special man in your life, consider this eight-piece aromatic cologne set from Maison Francis Kurkdjian that’s made entirely in France.


    Lip Maestro Bento Box

    $835 $709.75

    This massive collection of Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Lip Maestro liquid lipstick is the gift that keeps on giving. It includes a mix of nude, red, and pink shades that make it easy to match your lip color to your mood all year-round.

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    Polene Bag Review

    Here’s the point: I am a bag individual, as a result of and by. My partner has stated that I’d rather eat cereal all the time in buy to buy another bag as if it’s a bad thing.

    I’ve carried affordable bags, and I have carried seriously expensive bags, and you can usually, generally inform when you’re touching/emotion/smelling a single that prices a lot more. In my eyes, bags are a sensible financial investment possibility: The placement and length of manage, width of opening, and exterior pocket problem all subject. Much better building, style, and material up the value tag—and make a distinction in the last products.

    There’s no denying there’s a status or cachet that comes with particular silhouettes, much too, and which is some thing which is mattered to me. As anyone who grew up center-course far from the huge city and dreaming of a glossy work, slinging a unique bag around my elbow and walking into an office environment or a conference or a celebration has signified accomplishment and arrival in a way nothing else, for me, could.

    They’re also some thing other individuals see. A piece of jewelry or a observe may possibly fly underneath the radar, but a bag is front-and-centre. Colleagues who know, see. I was the person who reliably had some iconic silhouette from a heritage property stuffed with my things. And that is exactly why my latest enjoy affair with Polène, a direct-to-shopper label launched in 2016 by a trio of siblings, was worthy of commentary. A bag’s gotta be great to generate a spot in my line-up. It is rubbing elbows (or corners) with some weighty-hitters, and there are some cases wherever a higher tide won’t raise all boats, but sinks everything with a patchy human body task. My closet is 1 these kinds of circumstance.

    Each Polène type is numbered (Quantity Six, Amount 7, Amount 8, and so forth.) and elegantly simple, absolutely free from the fuss and bells and whistles that new labels can flirt with in an endeavor to distract from the industry mainstays. The smooth design is just not intended to go alone off as anything it isn’t—these are not, I repeat, not dupes or imitation anything—but is an aesthetic passport that will allow it to match in with the Hermès, the Chanels, the Loewes.

    This content is imported from Instagram. You may possibly be ready to find the identical content in an additional structure, or you could be equipped to uncover far more information and facts, at their world-wide-web web site.

    Like all of its designs, the Selection Nine—Numéro Neuf in the significantly dreamier sounding French—is handmade in Spain with Polène’s signature way of draping leather-based, impressed by couturier Madame Grès, and for that reason has a supple, smooth glimpse which is still bought form: This isn’t a bag you established on a desk only to see it flop to the aspect or gape when still left as well vacant. The leather alone is total-grain and has the wealthy truly feel, and scent, that I hope from pricy luggage (but do not rely on from reduced-price tag variations).

    The timeless vibe and won’t-get-ill-of-it shape are two components that have me already thinking of my future Polène (it’s the superbly standard Umi, if you are curious). Bag aficionados and cut price hunters alike ought to consider stating “oui” to the Parisian label. Regardless of whether it is kicking off your purse assortment or just incorporating to the ranks, it is really a deserving one particular.

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    The Best Skincare Bundles Sets 2021

    Grownup Anti-Zits Process

    Adulting comes with its successes and failures, but one particular factor which is challenging to fight is adult pimples. Peter Thomas Roth has the solution. Showcasing 5 products—cleanser, moisturizer, spot remedy, toner, and patches—the process can be interchanged for days when you have 1 breakout or various. And the most vital component of any skincare plan, you should not ignore your SPF!

    Supply url

    Saks Has Very Chic Fall Clothes On Sale Right Now

    Yousra Attia

    Fellow enthusiasts of Fall dressing will need to have no reminder that jeans and boots time is just all-around the corner. For the fewer enthused: If the sudden dip in temperatures is sending you into a tailspin more than obtaining very little to don, panic not. It turns out so a lot of new season slide staples can be scooped up on sale ideal now.

    This is the deal: Saks Fifth Avenue is holding their Friends & Family members Sale now via Oct 4, where the retailer is using 25 % off new arrivals. (A handful of designer makes are excluded, but, the sale includes 49,000+ objects, so be expecting to discover several covetable treasures.) After just about sifting by countless numbers of incorporated styles this early morning, I can report again that the sale is stacked with typical mainstays and trending styles alike. Black leather-based boots, knits, and denims from editor-beloved manufacturers these types of as Mom and Frame are all out there at discounted selling prices. Plus, bash dresses, splurge-worthy pieces straight from Maje and Sandro’s newest collections, and more.

    Ahead, 18 of the most truly worth-it new time seems to score on sale now.

    Advertisement – Go on Reading Below


    Belted Blazer Minidress


    The Hustler Large-Increase Ankle Fray Denims


    Chrissy Leather-based Ankle Booties


    AlphaGZ 50 percent-Zip Sweater


    Sleeveless Plaid Tweed Leading


    Daryna 2 Faux Shearling Coat


    Tunnel Eyesight Sneak Higher-Waisted Denims


    EDITOR’S Favored

    Trompe-L’Oeil Tartan Plaid Dress


    Khai 24K Goldplated Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings


    Isabel Down Puffer Jacket


    Sondra Glow Leather Boots


    Reversible Quilted Fake Fur Jacket


    Nikita Personalized Blazer


    Floral & Metallic Tiered Maxi Dress


    Midi Croc-Embossed Leather Tote

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    How To Create Euphoria Beauty Looks -Euphoria Makeup Tutorial

    When HBO’s popular teen drama Euphoria premiered last summer, it depicted the dark underbelly of suburban teen lives dominated by drugs, booze, and sex. Like Skins, but with more sexting. Now, just before two new December episodes of the series this December, Euphoria has come to represent everything 2020 wasn’t. There’s no spontaneous romance, lively nightclub scene, or reason to put a sequined crop top on.

    This year’s not offering many rhinestones, but there’s never been a better time to make an eye makeup statement. Just as Euphoria’s impossibly dramatic makeup looks mirror the intensity of being a teen, ours should follow suit. 2020 is the moment where we’re all tapping into our angry adolescence and the above-mask aesthetic can communicate that.

    Enter Makeup Artist Doniella Davy, the visionary responsible for the mesmerizing beauty moments on Euphoria. Bold color, shimmering gold tears, and rhinestone eyebrows are just a few of the styles that keep your eyes glued to the screen. It’s hard to look away from Euphoria for a number of reasons, and the facebeats are one of them.

    Pre-pandemic, Davy was kind enough to teach staffers how to take the looks offscreen. Four ELLE Editors—two Gen-Zers and two millennials—gave the glam looks a try for a casual day at work. (This was back when office spaces and non-standing desks were a thing.) Here’s how we did and here’s how you can create the looks at home. Because who couldn’t use a bit of sparkle?

    Doniella Davy

    How To Get The Look:

    1. Apply NYX Vivid Brights Cream Color in Lavender applied with a fluffy eyeshadow brush as a base all over eyelids, up into the crease and beyond.
    2. Apply any shimmery or matte lavender eyeshadow layered on top of Step 1 with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.
    3. Next, grab Suva Beauty Hydra liner in Acid Trip applied all the way around the perimeter of the eye, and angled into points in the inner and outer corners. This is best done with a slanted flat eyeliner brush, and can be as thin or thick as you like.
    4. Keep your brows free from any heavy filling, and brush them straight up. Secure with clear brow gel or Aerogel hairspray.
    5. Apply MAC Nude lip liner and lipstick. (Any peachy nude will work!)
    6. Finish with curled lashes and two coats of mascara on top and bottom.
      1. Hair, Face, Eyebrow, Lip, Skin, Pink, Cheek, Black hair, Beauty, Forehead,


        “When I got assigned to recreate Euphoria’s resident baddie Maddy Perez, I knew it was going to be a lewk. IMO, Maddy’s got some of the best makeup on the show and her bright liner and lilac shadow was pretty easy to apply. It took some time to get her eyeliner even, but anyone can do this look at home. Just make sure you’re not rushing, use a good liner brush, and voila! You’re suddenly a student at East Highland high.” — Ariana Yaptangco, Social Media and Beauty Editor

        Eyebrow, Face, Eyelash, Eye, Eye shadow, Purple, Skin, Glitter, Organ, Lip,

        Doniella Davy

        How To Get The Look:

        1. Choose a base eyeshadow color, any color! Davy recommends any Colour Pop, MAC and NARS eyeshadows.
        2. Choose another color to blend into it and create a fade if you want. This is NOT about defining the crease with a darker color. Let the crease breathe, and if you’re going to define it, do it with rhinestones (from Amazon!).
        3. Add black winged liner if you need to be fierce. Use any cream pot black eyeliner, but Davy’s team used Chanel for Maddy.
        4. Apply this with a slanted flat eyeliner brush. Be patient! Perfect winged liner is really hard.
        5. Use small pointy q-tips to help make corrections.
        6. Use any white (clear-drying) eyelash glue to attach rhinestones of any shape or size to your eyelids, lash line, eyebrows or all of the above.
        7. I like to keep a peachy nude lip with Maddy’s blinged-out eyes, but experiment with darker nudes and lip liners.
        8. Keep your brows free from any heavy filling, and brush them straight up. Secure with clear brow gel or Aerogel hairspray.
        9. Finish with strip lashes by House of Lashes.
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            “Maddy is the wildest woman in the game. The second her rhinestone glam aired on Euphoria I knew this was a dream look I wanted to create. It was not hard at all! The rhinestones make it feel like it’s an elevated YouTube glam that only the best beauty bloggers in the game could master, but in reality it’s a super easy DIY art project. The hardest part was making sure my rhinestones didn’t smudge my eyeshadow when I applied them every so delicately. I would wear this look to the club, I actually wore it to work, and maybe a carnival to cause a scene, just like Maddy.” — Chloe Hall, Beauty Director

            Face, Hair, Nose, Facial expression, Eyebrow, Head, Beauty, Smile, Lip, Cool,

            Doniella Davy

            How To Get The Look:

            1. Start with NYX Vivid Brights cream color in bright green applied with a flat concealer brush as a base all over eyelids, but keep in a round/oval shape. Bring the shape just above your crease.
            2. Use a shimmery light green eyeshadow to dust on top. This helps to set the cream color.
            3. Apply a tiny bit of green glitter or a really shimmery green eyeshadow toward the inner corners of your eyes to add reflection there.
            4. Use a medium/dark green shimmery cream eyeshadow to line just below your lower lashes. Davy used a cream pot eyeshadow by Chanel.
            5. Line your lower waterline in black waterproof eyeliner.
            6. Load up with several coats of black mascara on top and bottom lashes.
            7. Apply Glossier Boy Brow in Black (or whatever color matches your brows) and brush brows straight up
            8. Apply a berry or burgundy lipstick with your fingers.
            9. Go slightly outside of your lip line so the effect is a bit blurry, almost like bee-stung lips or popsicle lips.
              1. Hair, Hairstyle, Beauty, Forehead, Long hair, Human, Ringlet, Jheri curl, Black hair, Surfer hair,


                “The characters in my latest obsession Euphoria are unhinged, fearless, and hella dramatic—and their makeup looks are no different. There’s Jules, who plays a lot with vibrant eyeshadows and liners; Maddy’s always covered in rhinestones and Rue really, really loves glitter. But my makeup spirit animal is easily Kat. Kat is the rebel of the cast and her makeup is basically a middle finger to anything deemed “glam makeup.” Glam isn’t always soft pinks and browns: it can also be a sharp, thick winged liner, a deep red lipstick with a darker liner, or my favorite Kat look—glittery green eyelids. So I attempted to coat my lids in money green like Kat. I started off by priming my lids with a white base before packing on a bright green eyeshadow. When I felt like there was enough on my lids, I blended out the shadow with a deep brown and brought the color above my crease to create a slight gradient. I added a little green shadow on my waterline and packed on a mint green glitter shadow all over my lids for a fairy-like finish. One-color lids are all the rage right now and Kat’s money green look has just claimed the top spot on my mood board.” — Nerisha Penrose, Beauty Editor

                Face, Eyebrow, Hair, Skin, Eyelash, Eye, Cheek, Nose, Forehead, Lip,

                Doniella Davy

                How To Get The Look:

                1. Apply Stila liquid shimmer eyeshadow in a light pink color or any of their other iridescent pastel shades. You can use this straight out of the tube on your lids, and then blend in with a small fluffy eyeshadow brush.
                2. Use any skinny brush to apply Makeup Forever Aqua Color paint in orange or red, or mix them together to get a bright warm red. Keep the color rounded on your inner corners, as opposed to pointed like Maddy’s, and bring out the color halfway across your lower lash line.
                3. I didn’t use mascara on Jules for this look, but feel free to curl your lashes and apply any color of mascara.
                  1. Face, Hair, Eyebrow, Lip, Cheek, Chin, Nose, Forehead, Skin, Hairstyle,


                    “I was slightly intimidated to try out Jules’ boundary-pushing eye looks, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to actually recreate. Particularly, the Make-up-forever pen did a great job of adding a bold neon orange stroke in one quick swipe. Even though this was well beyond the norm for me in terms of daytime makeup, my co-workers and strangers on the subway all agreed it was the perfect combo of subtle-meets-edgy.” — Mia Feitel, Design Director

                    How To Create Euphoria Beauty Looks -Euphoria Makeup Tutorial

                    DONIELLA DAVY

                    How To Get The Look:

                    1. Apply a eye primer, like Juvia’s Place I Prep, I Prime to allow the eyeshadows to pop on the lids, and stay all night. You can blend this with fingers or with a fluffy brush for a more diffused look.
                    2. Apply a light wash of a violet or pink color from the Juvia’s Place The Violet’s eyeshadow palette over the primer that will act as a base. Angle the eyeshadow upwards in the outer corners for a more cat-eye appearance.
                    3. Deepen the color with darker purple shades from the same palette. In lieu of glitter, use the intense gold shade from the Pat McGrath Mothership IX eyeshadow palette to brighten the inner corners.
                    4. Apply a coat of black mascara.
                      1. How To Create Euphoria Beauty Looks -Euphoria Makeup Tutorial

                        Tatjana Freund

                        “I tend to stay far away from purple tones on my eyes since I always worry it’ll look black eye-esque. But adding dimension with some blues and that pop of gold helped make it feel purposefully glam. The Juvia’s Place primer is the only primer I feel actually helps my makeup last longer. Without it, I don’t think I could manage all that blending on my own. On my next night out, I’ll definitely want to recreate it.” — Tatjana Freund, Beauty Writer

                        “Enjoy painting your face!” — Doniella Davy

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              Best Blazers on Amazon 2021

              Edward BerthelotGetty Photographs

              Blazers have occur a extended way given that Melanie Griffith sported them in Working Lady. When confined to the boardroom, blazers have taken on a additional adaptable name as an effortlessly elegant layer that can be dressed up with a midi costume or pared down with a simple T-shirt and denims. Not only do blazers get the job done additional time for you and your wardrobe, but it truly is also surprisingly easy to find just one that matches your fashion.

              Have to have evidence? Have a appear at these stylish styles you can acquire on — hold out for it — Amazon. Regardless of whether you’re heading again to the workplace or want to elevate a uncomplicated pair of leggings, there is a thing here for anyone. Most effective of all? If you are an Amazon Primary member, you can get one particular (or, you know, five) of these designs now and have your purchase on your doorstep in a handful of short times.

              Ad – Continue on Studying Down below


              Blake Extensive Blazer

              Ranking: 4.1/5
              : XX-Modest — 3X

              When in question, you cannot go erroneous with a straightforward, stable design and style. Obtainable in 3 multipurpose hues — black, white, and tan — this choice from The Fall hits nicely at the center of the thigh, generating it a fantastic match for huge-legged trousers and skinny denims alike.


              [BVegan Leather Blazer

              Rating: 3.8/5
              : X-Small — Large

              Think of this option from Blank NYCas the perfect cross between a blazer and a cool moto jacket. The faux leather used here gives this layer a tough edge, while the double-breasted closure doubles down on that borrowed from the boys vibe.


              Palermo Blazer

              Rating: 4/5
              : X-Small — 3X 

              With shiny metallic buttons and an angular silhouette, this blazer from the Lioness strikes a happy medium between form and function. And, since this blazer hits just below the hip, it’s a great option to wear with a flouncy dress.


              Casual Blazer

              Sizes: 00 — 12

              If you want to trade in your jean jacket or shearling layer for a blazer, reach for this option from Theory. The single-button closure give this silhouette a casual flair, making it perfect to throw over jeans or leggings. 


              Lou Blazer

              Sizes: X-Small — Large

              Designer Annie Bing reimagined the typical blazer with a luxe leather exterior, plunging neckline, and collarless construction. Go ahead, offset the look with a turtleneck sweater or depth-defying  number. 


              Dani Blazer

              Sizes: 00 – 14 

              Want to make your blazer the focal point of your ensemble? Prepare to fall in love with this western option from Cinq a Sept. Between the fringe detailing and gorgeous cinnamon hue, this option will receive plenty of compliments.


              Velvet Blazer

              Sizes: 4- 20 

              Once the temperature begins to drop, trade in your lightweight layers for a glamorous, velvet blazer. Available in a rich, midnight blue and emerald green, this option will be perfect for both holiday parties and upscale nights out. Plus, the velvet-like finish will feel incredibly cozy.


              Oversized DB Blazer


              Sizes: X-Small — Large

              Give your outfit an off-duty edge with the help of this oversized blazer from Smythe. Offset the exaggerated silhouette with skinny jeans or some slim-fitting trousers.


              Borrem Blazer

              Club Monaco is known for offering elevated basics that can be styled to your liking— and its Borrem blazer is no exception. The slightly nipped silhouette is boardroom-ready,  while the lone button keeps this option from feeling stuffy. 


              Leighton Tweed Blazer

              Sizes: X-Small — Large

              As far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t get classier than a tweed blazer. Cut with padded shoulders and etched buttons, this option will look just as good with distressed denim as it will with a matching skirt.


              Flannel Blazer

              Sizes: 0 — 16 

              Looking for an inventive yet minimalist take on the traditional blazer? Vince gets the job done in style, thanks to this flannel and tied waist.


              Jeweled Amie Blazer

              Sizes: 00-12

              Anyone who is craving a pop of color will love this moody maroon option from Cinq a Sept. (Plus, the jeweled sleeves offer a nice, finishing touch.)

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              Shop Clinique’s Viral Black Honey Lipstick

              The lipstick that released 1,000 dupes, went insanely viral thanks to a Lord of the Rings-obsessed TikToker, and instantly bought out just about everywhere is lastly back again in inventory.

              Virtually Lipstick in Black Honey

              Right before it sells out yet again, it is really time to seize your wallet and area that purchase. Black Honey has been all around for decades, but it can be no marvel why it’s acquiring a resurgence in recognition. The berry-toned color will make it search like you took a great swig of Cabernet, and it suits all people. It has a a little shiny finish which is youthful and yummy, devoid of sliding off your lips when you sip your early morning latte.

              There is certainly no telling how long this recent batch of Black Honey will last, because the mania around the colour has been all consuming. If there is certainly one issue people Y2K, TikToking young ones know how to do, it truly is generating a thing that’s been about for 30 a long time interesting once more. Right after all, these are the trendsetters who built me acquire hot rollers once more.

              So irrespective of whether you’ve got been trying to get your hands on some Black Honey since it marketed out, or you’re just wanting for a beautiful, highly-rated lipstick, you can find no improved time to hop on this pattern. Additionally, it can be last but not least Fall again, and Blakc Honey is almost nothing if not the great Autumn shade.

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