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Visit Santorini in autumn

Find Santorinitours.org at Emporio 847 03, call us on 694 457 7918 and book Santorini tours. There are some places in Greece that, as much as you want to protest against their commercialization, their excessive tourist promotion and the economic exploitation that reaches – when it does not exceed – the limits of notoriety, they capture you with their natural beauty as much as it takes to forget everything: from the crowds of tourists huddled around you to admire the magnificent view to the fact that you paid for the coffee you enjoy as much as cheap champagne.

This is the case of Santorini. Special in every corner, famous in the ends of the world, enchanting all seasons and all hours of the day, full of people who admire every possible and incredible point.

What if everything is available at “tourist” prices, what if its cobbled streets become inaccessible by the crowds of tourists who flood them, what if the specific crowds are possessed by the inexplicable desire to applaud the sun when it sets? The price is small in front of so much beauty.

Especially in Autumn, when the aforementioned price has somewhat softened – but in no case eliminated – giving way to more peaceful days and nights, Santorini is the ideal destination for long or – why not? – and short getaways.


Arriving on the island, as the ship approaches the port, the gaze turns successively to the so-called “newer land of the Mediterranean”, the islets of the Caldera, created by the successive eruptions of the volcano that gave Santorini its characteristic, wild beauty. the vertical cliffs that rise majestically above the port.

Going up to the island’s capital, Fira, the surrounding landscape does not presuppose in the least what is to follow. Breathtaking black and red rocks create a lunar landscape that is interrupted only by the magnificent view of the caldera.

The capital of Santorini itself has been described as “the most beautiful city in Greece” – and the only injustice of the designation lies in the term “city”. Perched literally on the rocks that rise in the caldera, faithful to the traditional Cycladic architecture, with whitewashed houses, small churches with blue domes, narrow cobbled streets and the district with the most beautiful name of the Cyclades, the Firostanis on the island.

Summary of the expression “the city that never sleeps”, gathers a large number of visitors throughout the twenty-four hours. Especially in the evenings, as they are the… monopoly of night entertainment on the part of the Caldera, Fira is full of life. It is no coincidence, after all, that one of the most central streets is widely known as “the street of bars”.


The capital of Santorini, of course, could not miss all those purely “tourist” images, which along with the applause of the sunset in Oia, have become synonymous with the cult, now, tourism industry of the island, such as donkeys, adorned with unspeakable accessories that go up and down the 570 steps to the old port, from where the boats for the volcano start, or the price lists of the caldera-view-tavern, which have invented the world originality of a “rustic” which is revealed only after entering the store.

On the north side of the Caldera, Oia has not accidentally associated its name with the sunset. The first settlement in Greece that was declared protected could not be compared in beauty with anything less than its amazing sunset. None of the individual elements that make up the enchanting image of Oia could be isolated or adequately described in words.

From the colorful buildings that give a special note to the whitewashed settlement, the Cycladic churches, the classical music heard from the cafes, which are as much as needed to not “drown” the city to the windmills that stand guard over the settlement, the cobbled streets and the atmospheric lighting, everything in Oia is exactly what is needed to create this dreamy, almost fairytale, atmosphere that made it famous all over the world.

When you manage to leave Oia, which is especially difficult the first time, be sure to go through the so-called “balcony of Santorini”, Imerovigli, which is perched at the highest point of the Caldera and Vothonas, the “insignificant” village near Messaria, with the cave houses built in the ravine.

Santorini beaches

Compared to other Cycladic islands, the beaches of the island are not impressive. A brilliant exception to the rule, of course, is the Red Beach, which is worth a visit, if only to admire the unique landscape that the volcanic lava has formed here, even if the weather which is not suitable for swimming.

However, as it rarely rains on the island, it is likely that you will also visit the popular organized beaches of Perissa and Kamari, which are tourist resorts, with countless taverns, cafes and bars literally on the beach.

If you are not a fan of the triptych umbrella – sunbed – fresh fish on the beach, prefer the beaches close to Oia, such as Baxedes, Columbus and Pori. You may find it a little difficult to locate them, as they are not easily discernible from the road, but the search is worth it.

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