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New Generation Security Locks

Are you thinking of installing a security lock on your front door? Have you heard of the new generation security locks?

The decision you will make to choose the right lock is very important as the security of the home and your loved ones is judged.

Nowadays, many homeowners choose to keep their personal property at home and this carries risks.

Shielding your home with a new generation of security locks is an urgent need for everyone, as this type of lock has many advantages and security certifications that you can not ignore.

The investment that you will make by placing a security lock on your door, will be long-lasting and will offer you the feeling of security that every person should feel at home.

Keep burglars and would-be robbers away and find out what you need to know before proceeding.

Easy installation on any type of door

New generation security locks fit any type of door and can be easily installed and replaced with an old lock.

No matter how good a lock you have, it is good to be informed about the new generation locks and to upgrade the security of your space regularly.

Do not make the mistake of holding your old lock if you are the victim of a burglary, if you break up and if you move.

Security cylinder with defender

The new generation of security locks has a security cylinder with defender protection.

On the one hand, the defender offers maximum anti-burglary protection and prevents the lock cylinder from breaking and damaging from a sharp object. There are many types of defenders and the most popular are magnetic and steel.

Their main advantage is that they can be adapted to simple locks but also to locks of security doors.

On the other hand, the security or super-security cylinders in the new generation locks are made with enhanced protection properties.

They have a system against breakage and against the piercing of the cylinder, while at the same time they do not leave room for copying the lock keys.

As technology evolves, new models of safety cylinders are on the market with European certifications competing with the old ones.

At Alfinodoor, you can find the most advanced safety cylinders.

New generation security locks are delivered with a ownership card.
The keys, which belong to the new generation security lock of your house, will be unique.

What do we mean by that?

These keys are delivered to the owner, with a special ownership card and can not be copied.

So, even if you find yourself in the awkward position of losing your keys, you will be sure that whoever finds them, will not be able to use them.

They have a catapult, a locking system & a system against breaking the navel.

The advantages of the new generation security locks do not stop here. In case a burglar tries to break your lock, the lock locks the navel and the driver, and this is the first stage of protection.

If the navel is broken, the new generation locks have a second stage of protection, where the catapult falls and blocks the fire.

What to watch out for

If we can find a negative, it would be that you have to be very careful with your ownership card and keys.

In case it gets lost, you will have to change the new generation lock and get a new ownership card.

So, you have to repeat the whole process of the security lock.

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Advantages of distance learning

Advantages of distance learning

One area that has been significantly affected by the coronavirus is undoubtedly education –ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα. Much has been said about the gaps that the abstention from school will bring to the learning process, especially with regard to high school students. In this context, the implementation of e-learning or, according to the English term, e-learning, an educational process with many advantages, emerges as an urgent need.

The concept of distance learning consists of distance learning through the use of computer and includes both modern and asynchronous e-learning. Until a few years ago, it was considered a pioneering industry that enabled the provision of knowledge mainly to people with disabilities or to people living in remote areas. Today it is a rapidly evolving science that has significantly expanded its range of applications, gaining more and more fans.

Certainly, as is the case with many other subjects, e-learning is not a panacea and in no way can it replace the physical presence of the teacher. However, it has advantages that support its implementation, especially in the current period.

Advantages of distance learning

Its most important advantage is that it eliminates distance. Geographical boundaries are removed and everyone has access to a wealth of knowledge offered, sometimes free of charge, by universities, recognized bodies, libraries, schools, etc. located miles away. Anyone can choose from an infinite pool of knowledge whatever interests him from the space of his home and attend a lecture, learn a foreign language, complete his undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

The trainee also has the ability to adapt the educational process to his own needs and his own time. He has the autonomy to define his own program, as well as the pace of learning, without being bound by a schedule.

Distance learning contributes to equality in knowledge, as there is, in most cases, no restriction on the number of participants, nor is there any prerequisite criterion that might exclude some groups from it (people with disabilities, people in inaccessible areas). , working adults, etc.). It offers infinite knowledge without restrictions in terms of age, place or educational level.

In its modern form, distance learning provides the opportunity for interaction between teacher and learners, as they can exchange views, ask questions, solve questions, solve exercises and, in general, communicate in real time. The sense of immediacy offered by the personal contact with the teacher contributes to ensuring the feeling of intimacy and -why not- the “closeness” with the teacher.


Finally, the multimedia used in distance learning makes learning material more attractive and interesting, especially at younger ages, thus turning learning into a fun game-like process. Students understand and assimilate the knowledge provided much more easily, showing even greater willingness.

As mentioned above, we are not unaware of the potential dangers of this new, different version of the educational process; however, e-learning is still a very interesting and rapidly evolving science, gaining ground, creating new data. Choose to take on online private lessons to save time and money!

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Are the new models of Samsung worth their price?

Are the new models of Samsung worth their price?

Nowadays new smartphone models –θήκες κινητών– are released every day and they keep amazing us with their features. There is a great number of people who are upgrading their phones every year because they need to have the newest features and enjoy the better characteristics of the phone. As the smartphones are getting bigger and more customized to the people’s needs, their price is also increasing.

Our question for today is “Are the new models of Samsung worth their price?”. As Samsung has released a series of new smartphone models, people are questioning the value of them because of the extremely high prices. Let’s see which questions you need to ask yourself and what characteristics you should focus on when choosing a new smartphone.

General characteristics

The general characteristics are one of the first things you need to check in order to find out if the phone worth its price. General characteristics include the screen resolution, memory capacity, RAM and many more. You would not want to pay 600 to 1000 euros for a phone with a small screen and a small memory capacity which will not allow you to download all the apps and other things you like.

Samsung has created the S20 series which includes phones with large 6,5-inch screens and a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels which can be adjusted up to 3200 x 2400 pixels. These are smartphones that can be easily used to see movies and play high quality games!


The camera features are also a great component in the price of the smartphone. Samsung has surpassed herself with the multiple cameras in her new models Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, Note  etc. The point is that in order to get a phone like this, you need to use the camera. Otherwise it would be a waste to pay 900-1200$ for a smartphone.

What we are trying to say is that it is not worth getting such an expensive model if you are not into video and photography. If you already own a camera with which you are taking photos and videos, you should choose a cheaper Samsung model. The ones in the A series are quite decent smartphones and their price is far more approachable.

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Another feature for which people are willing to pay a lot of money is the smartphone’s battery. In this category, we will support the extra expense of money and we will say that the newest Samsung models are worth their price. Having a smartphone with a 4000 to 5000 mAh capacity is a relief for those people who want to use their phone without having to charge it during the day.

In contrast to Apples iPhone which has had a lot of issues concerning the battery, Samsung is winning this round by releasing the S20 series with a battery with more than 4000 mAh. We are talking about much bigger phones but some people will sacrifice the size over the battery. Let alone the support of wireless charging and fast charge.

Accessories and cases

Moving on, Samsung’s new S20 and Note series are having a wide range of accessories. The Note model comes with the new S pen and Samsung claims that does a lot more than taking notes but we need to put it to test to find out more about its features. Thankfully, the cases – thiki kinitou – and other accessories are available for you to customize your phone and make it cuter!

Special features

Other special features like the S pen or the 5G support are also a point to consider when you are asking yourself if the price is worth it. In a few years almost every phone will support the 5G signals and the 3G models will not be able to be used by you. So this is a strong advantage but many people find 5G controversial and are questioning its use and consequences.


Overall, the new smartphones that Samsung has released are not exactly worth their price. They are targeting a specific audience and they are not designated for students or people with a low income as their price is exceeding their wage! Apart from the battery capacity, the amazing camera features and the 5G support, they are as good as an average smartphone. Another reason to get one of these models is if you need a phone with a large screen and a very good screen resolution.

You will not want to spend a fortune on such an expensive phone! Nevertheless, the e-shop of has got everything you need in terms of cases and accessories for all kinds of smartphones either your good old one or the newest models of Samsung!

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Best SEO tips for beginners

This isn’t the typical run of the mill Search Engine Optimization for beginner’s guide which you can locate everywhere online. We have actually seen to it that we covered every little thing there is to cover regarding SEO which can aid you lead your method to the top of Google rankings.

This overview is particularly developed for newbies who are simply starting to learn more about regarding Search Engine Optimization for blog writers.

In this overview we have spoken about practical instances that we have actually examined ourselves. You are mosting likely to learn more about approaches that are operating in 2019, and also different patterns that you require to follow this year.

Needless to say, if you were looking to improve your Search Engine Optimization video game this year after that you’ll love this guide.

Principles of Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your web content online in a way that it attracts attention, which makes internet search engine like Google to reveal it ahead for search rankings for a particular search phrase.

You’ll see your web content ranking on top of Google and every other search engine when you optimize your web content the right method.

Why Should I Discover Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers?

If you intend to obtain your website ranked on the initial page of Google as well as other search engines, after that you need to find out Search Engine Optimization.

Enhancing your website for online search engine is the very best method to expand your traffic tremendously with time.

Social network or paid advertisements might offer you a spike of traffic for a day, or send you site visitors as long as you keep paying. Discovering Search Engine Optimization is a financial investment that will certainly maintain paying off over time.

These days, everyone utilizes search engines to locate what they need.

When they do, that’s why it’s vital to place on your own to be located.

Exactly How Internet Search Engine Work

Prior to we get to the part where we clarify just how you can do SEO to place high up on online search engine, we need you to understand just how online search engine function.

In this area. we will certainly also discuss just how individuals make use of search engines, how it works, ranking factors, formulas and also different functions of internet search engine results pages (SERPs).

The procedure is less complex than you may assume. Internet search engine have robots, additionally called crawlers, that creep the components of a website. After it’s done creeping, Google uses that information and runs it with their secret formulas to decide where to rate it in the search engine results pages.

200 Search Factors

Did you know that there more than 200 various things that Google takes a look at to figure out exactly how to rate each web page? These are called “ranking elements”.

Don’t stress, we aren’t going to undergo all 200 of them below!

Not all of them are really vital or need your interest. I’ll just provide you some ideas on just how to enhance for the most important ranking aspects.

Online Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Internet search engine, even more specifically Google, make a lot of updates to their algorithms to enhance their search engine result. You will certainly listen to the people typically speak about exactly how a specific Google update made them gain or shed their positions.

If you are doing everything right as well as adhering to the standard Google guidelines, then you do not have anything to stress around.

Our advice to you once you start doing SEO is that there will be times that you will certainly be greatly awarded after a Google update. There will likewise be a time when you might lose your positions even though you were doing whatever.

At times like these, be patient as well as maintain doing what is right and also satisfy your visitor’s intent with good compelling content. If you stay with that, you’ll be rewarded.

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