Exploring Nijubashi Bridge in Tokyo, Japan

Exploring Nijubashi Bridge in Tokyo, Japan

Nijubashi bridge is one of Japan’s renowned bridge situated in Tokyo. Nijubashi usually means double bridge.  It is a bridge that is identified as collectively as Nijubashi, even so, it is composed of two bridges namely Seimon Ishibashi and Seimon Tetsubashi. Seimon Ishibashi is the bridge that connects to the Nationwide Backyard. When these two bridges looked upfront looks like one particular bridge that’s why the identify Nijubashi.

These bridges hook up to the Imperial Palace the place the Seimon Ishibashi is a stone bridge and Seimon Tetsubashi is the iron bridge that is built. Record is that the bridges were being built by Tokugawa Hidetada throughout the 17th Century.  These bridges ended up constructed with a secondary level wood assistance technique, which involved the 2nd degree bridge.

The bridges have been produced to be a route toward the palace and they have been the key entrance to the Tokyo Castle. There was a wood bridge in advance of which was ruined and built into an iron bridge in the calendar year 1888, again reconstructed for the duration of the yr 1964. Also, a further bridge was torn down to be produced into a now-famous stone bridge in 1887.Exploring Nijubashi Bridge in Tokyo, Japan

Nijubashi becoming the bridge which can make it direct speak to to Tokyo Castle (Imperial Palace) the bridge is opened only all through specific gatherings when there are any formal visits, and for citizens, it is opened through 2nd January and on 23rd December which is the Emperor’s official birthday.

The bridge is found in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and to enter in this article you can consider Metro and get down at Exit 6 of Nijubashi-Mae Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, or from Exit D2 of Otemachi Station on the Toei Mita Line.Exploring Nijubashi Bridge in Tokyo, Japan

Discovering Nijubashi Bridge. in Tokyo Japan

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