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Advantages of distance learning

Advantages of distance learning

One area that has been significantly affected by the coronavirus is undoubtedly education –ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα. Much has been said about the gaps that the abstention from school will bring to the learning process, especially with regard to high school students. In this context, the implementation of e-learning or, according to the English term, e-learning, an educational process with many advantages, emerges as an urgent need.

The concept of distance learning consists of distance learning through the use of computer and includes both modern and asynchronous e-learning. Until a few years ago, it was considered a pioneering industry that enabled the provision of knowledge mainly to people with disabilities or to people living in remote areas. Today it is a rapidly evolving science that has significantly expanded its range of applications, gaining more and more fans.

Certainly, as is the case with many other subjects, e-learning is not a panacea and in no way can it replace the physical presence of the teacher. However, it has advantages that support its implementation, especially in the current period.

Advantages of distance learning

Its most important advantage is that it eliminates distance. Geographical boundaries are removed and everyone has access to a wealth of knowledge offered, sometimes free of charge, by universities, recognized bodies, libraries, schools, etc. located miles away. Anyone can choose from an infinite pool of knowledge whatever interests him from the space of his home and attend a lecture, learn a foreign language, complete his undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

The trainee also has the ability to adapt the educational process to his own needs and his own time. He has the autonomy to define his own program, as well as the pace of learning, without being bound by a schedule.

Distance learning contributes to equality in knowledge, as there is, in most cases, no restriction on the number of participants, nor is there any prerequisite criterion that might exclude some groups from it (people with disabilities, people in inaccessible areas). , working adults, etc.). It offers infinite knowledge without restrictions in terms of age, place or educational level.

In its modern form, distance learning provides the opportunity for interaction between teacher and learners, as they can exchange views, ask questions, solve questions, solve exercises and, in general, communicate in real time. The sense of immediacy offered by the personal contact with the teacher contributes to ensuring the feeling of intimacy and -why not- the “closeness” with the teacher.


Finally, the multimedia used in distance learning makes learning material more attractive and interesting, especially at younger ages, thus turning learning into a fun game-like process. Students understand and assimilate the knowledge provided much more easily, showing even greater willingness.

As mentioned above, we are not unaware of the potential dangers of this new, different version of the educational process; however, e-learning is still a very interesting and rapidly evolving science, gaining ground, creating new data. Choose to take on online private lessons to save time and money!

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