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New Generation Security Locks

Are you thinking of installing a security lock on your front door? Have you heard of the new generation security locks?

The decision you will make to choose the right lock is very important as the security of the home and your loved ones is judged.

Nowadays, many homeowners choose to keep their personal property at home and this carries risks.

Shielding your home with a new generation of security locks is an urgent need for everyone, as this type of lock has many advantages and security certifications that you can not ignore.

The investment that you will make by placing a security lock on your door, will be long-lasting and will offer you the feeling of security that every person should feel at home.

Keep burglars and would-be robbers away and find out what you need to know before proceeding.

Easy installation on any type of door

New generation security locks fit any type of door and can be easily installed and replaced with an old lock.

No matter how good a lock you have, it is good to be informed about the new generation locks and to upgrade the security of your space regularly.

Do not make the mistake of holding your old lock if you are the victim of a burglary, if you break up and if you move.

Security cylinder with defender

The new generation of security locks has a security cylinder with defender protection.

On the one hand, the defender offers maximum anti-burglary protection and prevents the lock cylinder from breaking and damaging from a sharp object. There are many types of defenders and the most popular are magnetic and steel.

Their main advantage is that they can be adapted to simple locks but also to locks of security doors.

On the other hand, the security or super-security cylinders in the new generation locks are made with enhanced protection properties.

They have a system against breakage and against the piercing of the cylinder, while at the same time they do not leave room for copying the lock keys.

As technology evolves, new models of safety cylinders are on the market with European certifications competing with the old ones.

At Alfinodoor, you can find the most advanced safety cylinders.

New generation security locks are delivered with a ownership card.
The keys, which belong to the new generation security lock of your house, will be unique.

What do we mean by that?

These keys are delivered to the owner, with a special ownership card and can not be copied.

So, even if you find yourself in the awkward position of losing your keys, you will be sure that whoever finds them, will not be able to use them.

They have a catapult, a locking system & a system against breaking the navel.

The advantages of the new generation security locks do not stop here. In case a burglar tries to break your lock, the lock locks the navel and the driver, and this is the first stage of protection.

If the navel is broken, the new generation locks have a second stage of protection, where the catapult falls and blocks the fire.

What to watch out for

If we can find a negative, it would be that you have to be very careful with your ownership card and keys.

In case it gets lost, you will have to change the new generation lock and get a new ownership card.

So, you have to repeat the whole process of the security lock.

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