The Weeknd's Complete Hair Evolution

The Weeknd’s Complete Hair Evolution

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The Weeknd is the ultimate hair chameleon. From cornrows to locs, the singer’s hairstyles are as versatile as his discography. Without further adieu, we’re breaking down his complete hair evolution—from 2012 to now.

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April 2012

At Coachella in 2012, Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd) rocked a full beard with a square trimmed hairline. At the start of his career, the singer kept his hair short.

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July 2012

By that summer, The Weeknd found his hair groove. He appeared on-stage at Lollapalooza sporting locs.

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March 2013

The singer let his hair grow longer over the winter and debuted tied up locs when he performed at the Ultra Music Festival in 2013.

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August 2013

The singer walked the red carpet of the MTV Music Video Awards wearing what become his signature look: locs and a goatee.

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January 2014

He kept his tied up hairstyle in tact, but opted for fuller facial hair at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards in 2014.

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September 2014

The Weeknd changed his hairstyle in 2014 with a half-up style, featuring longer locs hanging down in the back with the top section in a ponytail.

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October 2014

In 2014, the rapper debuted his choppiest and longest look yet, with locs hanging out from the side.

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November 2014

The singer added more height to his hair in November 2014 when he attended the American Music Award with a slightly modified style.

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June 2015

While attending the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, the singer wore his usual look. The biggest difference here? Tightly trimmed sides.

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August 2015

The Weeknd’s top locs stood less straight here, almost creating a side bang look that we truly couldn’t get enough of.

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September 2015

The singer styled his tied up pieces so that they jutted out in all different directions at New York Fashion Week in 2015.

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February 2016

At the 88th Annual Academy Awards, he sported a hairstyle that was shorter, tighter, and precisely trimmed.

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May 2016

A slightly modified style with more defined locs was The Weeknd’s look of choice while accompanying his model girlfriend, Bella Hadid, to the 2016 Met Gala.

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July 2016

In the summer of 2016, the rapper twisted his locs on top of his head for a new look we hadn’t seen before.

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October 2016

The Weeknd reinvented himself for his Starboy era. He ditched the locs he’d been wearing for years and embraced a short fro.

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November 2016

The Weeknd chopped off even more hair a month later. He debuted his short and trimmed haircut at the WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards.

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November 2016

The Weeknd added some volume to his new style, trimming the back of his hair shorter than the front. The result? A pompadour fade.

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June 2017

The following summer, it appeared like the singer was letting his hair grow long again. He showed off an high and tight look at a private performance.

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August 2017

The singer trimmed the back of his hair, leaving only the front with some height, a couple months later.

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September 2017

We’re starting to get flashbacks of The Weeknd’s old look. He styled the front of his hair with curls that twisted upwards in late 2017.

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October 2017

A month later, his hair definitely had more definition. Could this be the beginning of the locs era part II?

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November 2017

Is he growing his hair out? Has he chopped it off? It all remained a mystery during what we’ll refer to as The Weeknd’s hat phase.

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February 2018

Performing on stage at Coachella in 2018, The Weeknd appeared to have a trimmed his hairline significantly.

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August 2018

We can’t gamble a guess as to what’s under that baseball cap, but his haircut looks super trimmed to us.

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October 2018

When The Weeknd reunited with ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid, he was photographed rocking a very full beard along with his typical high and tight hairstyle.

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February 2019

While celebrating his birthday in February 2019, The Weeknd showed off cornrows on the red carpet at Tao Downtown in New York City.

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September 2019

The most jarring thing about The Weeknd’s September 2019 look? The mustache that replaced his signature trimmed beard. The short fro was brand new as well.

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December 2019

The Weeknd made another red carpet appearance with a fro later that year. This time, it was a little bit longer and his square hairline was slightly more defined.

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August 2020

After months of lockdown, we have no way of knowing what happened to The Weeknd’s fro. By August 2020, he was spotted in New York City with cornrows under his baseball cap.

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August 2020

A few weeks later, the rapper attended the MTV Video Music Awards with his afro once again. He also sported bloody face makeup to promote his new album, After Hours.

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