Rihanna Wears Sparkly $1,600 Heels to the Airport Because She's Rihanna

Rihanna Wears Sparkly $1,600 Heels to the Airport Because She’s Rihanna


When she just isn’t draining my bank account with the latest Fenty Elegance start or withholding her new album just simply because she feels like it, you’d imagine Rihanna would give me some time to breathe. But no. Alternatively, she retains her foot on my neck by demonstrating up to the airport sporting THIS.

What is this outfit. What is going on. Let us unpack this.

Initially: She’s carrying a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Not an odd sight at the airport. As another person who refuses to travel in just about anything other than sweats, I understand this selection. The types I put on are certainly not Vetements like Rihanna’s, but it really is quite a lot the similar factor, correct? Proper???????

Next: She’s travelling with an Off-White x Rimowa very clear suitcase. That is one particular way to zip by way of the TSA. Rihanna has completely practically nothing to cover!

Thirdly: The heels. They are glittery and superb and Bottega Veneta. They also charge $1,620, but this is Rihanna, ladies and gentleman. Shine dazzling like a diamond. She claimed what she said.

New year, very same Rih. Whilst our 2020 resolutions might be starting to fizzle out, it is really comforting to see Rihanna however undertaking what she does greatest: Stunting on men and women for activity.

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