20 Cool Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a destination that has been welcoming travellers for many years, and it’s one of our favourite places to visit in Mexico. Whether you’re a backpacker on a budget, a digital nomad looking to spend a month, a couple wanting a week-long vacation, or an expat looking to settle down, you’ll find things to do in Puerto Vallarta to keep you busy. 

The city is split up into neighbourhoods (zones), with the endless things to do in Puerto Vallarta spread out along Banderas Bay and beyond. In reality, it doesn’t really matter which part of the city you stay in, as getting around is easy.

You will, however, want to choose your zone carefully based on the vibe you’re after and the budget you have.

Here’s a quick rundown of the zones in Puerto Vallarta starting at the airport and going south:

  • Marina – more upscale than the hotel zone, with the Marriott Hotel, Westin & more.
  • Hotel Zone – just a few mins drive from the airport, this area has many hotels, restaurants, malls, a Walmart & Sams Club.
  • Centro (Old PV) – smaller homes, residential area, the Malecon (oceanfront promenade) runs along here, many restaurants and bars. This area is on the north side of the River Cuale and offers affordable accommodation.
  • Centro (Romantic Zone) – located on the south side of the River Cuale, you’ll find numerous bars, cafes, restaurants and Playa Los Muertos Beach. This is a popular area with a large gay community. The accommodation ranges from budget to top end.
  • Conchas Chinas – meaning “Chinese Shells” based on the seashells found here, this is a more affluent/posh area of Puerto Vallarta with gated communities and high-end condos.

Learn more about where to stay in Puerto Vallarta with our accommodation and neighbourhood guide. And, for a complete rundown on travelling to the city of PV, check out our detailed guide here.

Now that you have an idea of what each neighbourhood has to offer, here is my list of 20 cool things to do in Puerto Vallarta!

Note, this post has been updated 2020 to include the latest best things to do in Puerto Vallarta, the current prices and addresses and more. Enjoy your trip.

1. Walk…Everywhere!

I have to put walking as #1 on the list of things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Exploring on foot is the best way to get a feel for the city, and most areas of PV are reachable by walking.

Walking the streets of Puerto Vallarta is the best way to see it all

This is a great way to see what the vendors are selling, to people watch and to get a lay of the land. You never know what you’ll stumble across when discovering the city on foot…just make sure to wear good shoes as the sidewalks and roads are very uneven.

2. Join a Food Tour

Did you know that Mexico’s cuisine has made the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO? This award hasn’t been granted to any other national food group! Mexican food is so much more than tacos and quesadillas and the best way to learn more about the tasty foods is to join a tour.

We’ve done food tours all around the world, and our favourite ones are in Mexico. In Puerto Vallarta, check out Vallarta Food Tours. This company offers a mix of culture, walking and food tours, making it a great way to learn about the city of PV while simultaneously feasting and working off the calories.

food tours in puerto vallarta visiting the taco stands
Visiting the taco stands is a highlight of a food tour in Puerto Vallarta!

There are a few foodie tours on offer with Vallarta Food Tours, but we went on the “Original Downtown Tour”, which took us through the center of PV on both sides of the river. We ate numerous dishes and tried some drinks as well. You can also join their evening taco tour.

We highly recommend this tour if you’re a foodie! Click here to learn more and check out the video we made:

3. See Rhythms Of The Night (one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta!)

If you’re looking for a mini Cirque de Soleil cultural show/dinner/theatre experience, then Rhythms of The Night will be something you want to check out. We saw this performance and although we’re not big fans of large group tours, this show was spectacular and worth every penny. This is one of the top tours in Puerto Vallarta.

rhythms of the night things to do in puerto vallarta

The evening starts with a sunset cruise (including open bar) across Banderas Bay to Las Caletas, which is a beautiful private cove. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a beautifully lit area with tiki torches and candles.

You’ll then be shown to your seat in the outdoor auditorium, which is surrounded by palm trees. The seats are all staggered, so even though there are people sitting in front of you, you’ll have no issues seeing the show.

rhythms of the night puerto vallarta mexico
Watching Rhythms of The Night – we don’t usually love touristy shows, but this one was great!

The show depicts various stories of the ancient Hispanic civilization and Mexican folklore. During the performance, there’s live music, dancing, contortionists, fire-twirlers and more. Following the show, you’ll enjoy a large buffet dinner before returning to Puerto Vallarta by boat. Don’t miss this show! ☞ Click here to learn more about the tour and to book tickets.

things to do in puerto vallarta see the rhythms of the night show

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4. Watch Sunset

There’s just something about the sunsets on the Pacific Coast, and in particular, Puerto Vallarta. Some of the best sunsets we’ve ever seen have been from here. Grab a drink and enjoy the show.

Great viewing places include anywhere along the Malecon, up the hill behind the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, or from El Barracuda which is our favourite beach bar. Once the sun goes down, the party starts in PV — there are so many bars and clubs, the nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is legendary!

watching sunset in puerto vallarta mexico is one of the best things to do
The sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are spectacular

*Note: Puerto Escondido is another epic Pacific Coast destination for sunsets in Mexico. If you have a chance, try to visit there as well!

5. Relax on Playa las Gemelas

Surprisingly, just about 20 minutes drive south of Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find beaches that look like they should be Cancun or Playa del Carmen rather than the Pacific.

Playa las Gemelas has turquoise water and whitish sand. When we visited, there were quite a few waves, but no riptides or undertow and the waves were fun to swim in. Other visitors have experienced completely calm water here, so it really just depends on the weather and the time of year.

best things to do in puerto vallarta

There are just 2 condominium complexes on the beach and nothing else…not even any toilets. Bring a cooler filled with beer, water and snacks and spend the day. The walk to the beach is fairly steep and down some uneven steps, but it’s worth it when you see the view.

To reach here, you’ll want to park at Condominios Girasol Sur (in front along the road). There is no actual parking for the beach, so you’ll need to find some on the street, or in the few roadside spots in front of Girasol Sur Condos. Alternatively, you can take a local bus and get dropped off here.

This is by far our favourite beach in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t miss it! Click here for directions.

playa las gemelas beach in puerto vallarta mexico
Hiking down the steps to Playa las Gemelas

6. Join a Booze Tour (with a side of food)

For those of you who like to drink tequila – it’s Mexico, who doesn’t?! – this tour is for you. During our recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, we joined the Mex-ology tour and enjoyed a late afternoon of Mezcal, Tequila, Raicilla, craft beer, Kahlua coffee and other handcrafted cocktails.

To go along with the booze, you’ll get some tasty food to help soak up the alcohol. The dishes we had were full portions of fish tacos, meat tacos, seafood “enchiladas”, onion rings, crickets (yes, crickets!) and delectable dessert. Not only will you be having fun, and feeling a bit tipsy by the end of it, but you’ll learn a lot about the traditions and creation of these alcoholic beverages.

food and drink tour in puerto vallarta. try tequila and food with vallarta food tours
Tasting Mezcal, with a side of crickets on our food & booze tour

We had a great day with our guide. So much fun in fact, that she took us out for some late-night shenanigans where the expats and locals like to hangout! Click here to learn more about the Mex-ology Tequila, Tacos & Cocktails Tour.

7. Eat Fresh Oysters

While there’s definitely a Puerto Vallarta restaurant for everyone, sometimes it’s nice to eat street (beach) food. If you’re an oyster lover, you’ll be happy to know that you can get fresh oysters on the beach.

Just under the bridge that crosses the River Cuale, you’ll see many vendors selling these tasty morsels. Plastic tables and chairs are set up so you can sit and enjoy your plate of food by the water, or you can take them to go. Squeeze some lime juice on, sprinkle with some salt and add some hot sauce if you like. Enjoy!

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8. San Pancho

About an hour drive from Puerto Vallarta is the beach town of San Pancho (San Francisco). This small town isn’t as quiet as it once was, but it’s still a nice place to visit. What’s surprising is that even though it’s not a very big place, there are lots of things to do in San Pancho.

You can go golfing for the morning (or late afternoon), eat some really good international food, take Spanish lessons, do yoga, go surfing, watch the baby turtles be released and more. It’s a cool place to spend the afternoon as it’s just an hour away from Puerto Vallarta.

To get from Puerto Vallarta to San Pancho, you can rent a car, take the bus for around 50 pesos, or join a day tour of San Pancho and nearby Sayulita.

Note: the ocean here is quite rough and isn’t a great place for swimming. You could check out Bucerias for swimming.

things to do in puerto vallarta mexico go golfing in san pancho
The lovely golf course in San Pancho

9. Walk The Malecon

One of the many great things about Puerto Vallarta is the long Malecon (oceanfront promenade) which runs for about 1.5 kilometers (1 mile). This is the perfect spot to enjoy a stroll, without having to deal with the crazy traffic that whizzes along the narrow streets.

Along the Malecon you have the beautiful ocean on one side, and many shops, restaurants and bars on the other (selling $1 margaritas and Coronas!). There are also numerous art installations and street performances here.

The Malecon is the hot-spot, especially in the late afternoon and evenings when it’s a cooler temperature. And actually, wandering along the Malecon is one of the most popular things to do in La Paz as well.

street art on the malecon in puerto vallarta
The Malecon always has something going on

Where to Stay in Puerto Vallarta

There are numerous resorts, hotels, boutiques, hostels, Airbnbs and apartments for rent in Puerto Vallarta.

☞ Click here to compare prices and see reviews of the best accommodation on Booking.com

If you want to stay in an Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta, click here to sign up for free and receive up to $55 off your first booking ?

In Puerto Vallarta, we’ve personally stayed at the Catedral Hotel Vallarta Boutique and at this Airbnb apartment. Both were great and we recommend them. For more on the best Puerto Vallarta hotels and where to stay, click here. 

10. Join a Chocolate Making Class

The Choco Museum is one of the many free things to do in Puerto Vallarta. If you’re interested in learning the history behind cocoa, plus finding out how chocolate is made (from harvest to production), then the museum is for you.

If you want to get your hands dirty, and EAT some delicious chocolate, then make sure to join one of the (paid) classes at the Choco Museo. Learn how to make traditional mole sauce, hot chocolate truffles or individual chocolates. Click here to learn more about workshops and classes.

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11. Mountain Biking Trip

Although lounging by the beach and devouring tacos is always a good idea when travelling to Mexico, it might be a good idea to get some exercise every once in a while!

Eco Ride is an eco-conscious company in Puerto Vallarta that offers mountain biking and hiking trips in the surrounding jungle trails of the Occidental Sierra Madre. If you’re into adventure and being active, this is one of the things to do in Puerto Vallarta that you won’t want to miss.

They have biking tours for beginners and advanced riders, plus they offer different length trips as well — from 15 to 48 kilometers (9.3 – 30 miles). The routes pass through villages, waterfalls, rivers, pine trees and more. Click here to learn more about Eco Ride and the biking and hiking trips they offer.

*Note: if you’d rather combine exercise with eating, Vallarta Food Tours has a new tour called Bikes & Bites…check it out!

Not into biking, but still want to be in the mountains? 

Although we’ve never done this in Mexico, zip-lining through the beautiful canopy is one of the most popular things to do in Puerto Vallarta. You’ll be at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains and can travel through the jungle over 2 miles (3.2kms) of zipline. The tour is run by Los Veranos Canopy Tour, which has a 5-star rating and over 2,500 reviews on TripAdvisor. Click here to learn more and book this tour. Update 2020: we’ve been informed that there is an “animal sanctuary” visited on this trip, which sounds more like caged animals, and we don’t condone this. For a more ethical ziplining experience complete with ATV’ing, click here for a fun tour with Estigo Tours (which has more than 1,000 reviews on TripAdvisor). And, if you find yourself in the Yucatan, ziplining is one of the best things to do in Cancun as well.

zip lining in puerto vallarta one of the best tours

12. Chill Out on Los Muertos Beach

This is the beach south of the Los Muertos Pier. And, as with the stretch of sand north of the pier, there are a lot of activities going on — from swimming and surfing, to parasailing and boating. Plus, you’ll find numerous beach restaurants and bars here.

things to do in puerto vallarta visit los muertos beach

There are vendors wandering up and down the beach as well, but they aren’t too pushy. Near the south side of the pier, you’ll find lots of local families spending the day (especially on weekends), while further south from there is considered the gay area, which is always busy and a lot of fun.

When we visited Los Muertos Beach in December, the waves were incredibly big and the surf and undertow were unbelievably strong. The rough water started from the pier and went north to the La Langosta Loca restaurant. However, on the south side of the pier, the water was calm and children were swimming. Be mindful of the ocean and when in doubt, always ask a local if it’s safe to swim.

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13. Wander The Old Town

Puerto Vallarta has a beautiful old town with cobbled streets and colourful homes climbing up the hill. From near the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, you’ll see rock/cement steps heading up the hill. Take the steps and continue walking along the back roads towards the Romantic Zone. As most people take the Malecon or the main streets, you’ll have the quiet “upper” roads basically to yourself!

walking around the romantic zone in puerto vallarta mexico
We recommend walking around the quieter streets behind the Romantic Zone!

You’ll come across homes draped in vines, cats sleeping on steps and pretty wrought-iron balconies. After you’ve finished exploring and enjoying the peace and quiet, you can come out near the Rio River.

For an amazing view, you can hike up to the Mirador Cerro de La Cruz. It takes about 30 minutes and is a bit strenuous, but the view is spectacular. Bring lots of water and wear good shoes.

14. Go Scuba Diving

Getting on the water is always a good idea when travelling, but so is getting under it! Whether you’re scuba certified or not, check out Banderas Scuba Republic. This company is PADI recognized and the team is PADI certified.

At this scuba shop, you can take classes and lessons to get your certification, or if you already have your Open Water, you can go for some dives. Expect to see turtles, rays, eels and more. Banderas Scuba Republic is located in the Romantic Zone, stop by and check them out.

Note: We did not personally dive with Banderas Scuba Republic, they were just highly reviewed on TripAdvisor. Always do your own independent research when choosing a scuba diving company.

scuba diving in puerto vallarta

15. Join a Free Walking Tour

Walking on your own is great, but if you want to learn a bit more about the city of Puerto Vallarta, including its culture, history and architecture, then it’s best to join a walking tour with a knowledgeable guide. This is the best thing to do in Puerto Vallarta on your first day in the city so you can get your bearings.

Every Tuesday (9:00am and noon), Wednesday (9:00am and noon) and Saturday (9:00am), there are free tours put on by the Municipal Tourism Office. The meeting point is at the Municipal Tourism Office, which is in the Old City Hall Building. The tour is about 2 hours long and no reservation is required. Click here for details.

16. Join the Free Art Walk

Puerto Vallarta has the most art galleries of any Mexican coastal city. On Wednesday evenings, many of the art shops open their doors and allow visitors inside to view the pieces. All mediums of art are on display, including paintings, sculptures, pottery and folk art. A visit here is definitely one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta for art lovers.

Entrance is free, there is no guide, but there is usually wine and tequila given to visitors…for free. The “art walk” runs from the end of October to the end of May, from 6:00pm to 10:00pm, every Wednesday. This is a yearly event. Click here to learn more about the Art Walk.

17. Visit the Church Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

You can’t miss the Church Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe when you visit, literally. Towering over the center of Puerto Vallarta is this beautiful piece of architecture. If you’re wondering what to do in Puerto Vallarta when it’s raining, a trip to this church is a good idea.

Whether you’re religious or not, I recommend taking a peek inside, and of course, taking loads of photos of the ornate exterior. This church is one of the best places to visit in Puerto Vallarta.

If you find yourself in the city from December 1 – 12, you’ll be able to enjoy the celebrations for the Our Lady of Guadalupe Festival, which includes candlelight processions, colourful parades, and of course, food.

lady of guadalupe church in puerto vallarta mexico

18. Visit Mismaloya

Located on the southern part of Banderas Bay, you’ll find the fishing village of Mismaloya. This is where tourism in the Puerto Vallarta area all started, back in 1963 with the filming of Night Of The Iguana. This is what kicked off tourism in the area.

These days, Puerto Vallarta has more tourism, while the bay at Mismaloya is still relatively quiet. The pretty bay is backed by thick jungle, there are restaurants lining the beach and you’ll have views of the Los Arcos Marine Park. There is, however, the Barcelo Resort which takes up much of the bay, but it’s still a nice place to visit.

los arcos and mismaloya beach

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19. Check Out The Markets

Visiting the markets in Mexico is always a treat. In Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find food, fish, clothing and trinket markets. Don’t miss the Municipal Market of Colonia Emiliano Zapata, which is a great place to purchase fresh produce. This market runs from 6:00am to 3:00pm, 365 days a year. Click here for directions.

Also, if you want produce and fish, check out the Municipal Market in December 5. Go early to get the best selection of seafood. In the strip of vendors, you’ll find meats, vegetables, tortillas and other items. This is a great place to take food away, or to create a delicious lunch! Visiting a local market is one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Click here for directions.

eating tacos at the markets in puerto vallarta

20. Do Some Hiking

If you want to do some independent hiking, you won’t really find it in the city itself. But, if you take a bus, or drive your car out to Boca de Tomatlan, you can do a really great day hike to Las Animas. The path winds along the ocean, with the jungle on one side and the beautiful water on the other.

You’ll hike along stone stairs and narrow paths, while arriving at lovely secluded bays along the way. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot some whales or dolphins playing in the water.

The entire hike takes about 2 hours to complete, and once you arrive at Las Animas, all that’s left to do is enjoy the beach, and one of the many restaurants on offer. To get back to Boca, you can take a boat from Las Animas, or hike back the way you came. For more information on how to do this hike, click here.

boca de tomatlan

Bonus! 21. Enjoy a Night On The Town

The Puerto Vallarta nightlife is awesome! No matter what sort of a party you’re looking for, you’ll find it in PV. From beach bars and nightclubs to cantinas and breweries, a night out in Puerto Vallarta is sure to be memorable. While most of the happenin’ nightlife is around the Romantic Zone, you’ll find bars across the city.

Dance the night away at Co-De or one of the many popular Malecon nightclubs (Zoo, Mandala or La Vaquita) or watch your favourite sports team on the big screen at places like El Torito Sports Bar & BBQ House, Players and El Soñador. 

For live music, you can’t go wrong with Incanto, Roxy Rock House and La Casa de Hugo. If it’s craft beer you seek, you have a couple of options in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t miss Monzon and Los Muertos. For cocktail lovers, check out El Colibri, Bar La Playa and Twisted Palms.

To learn more about the best places to sip and dance, check out our post: Puerto Vallarta Nightlife – The Best Places to Drink and Dance.

Enjoy The Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta!

I hope this list of 20 things to do in Puerto Vallarta helps you plan your trip. While the city is quite touristy, it’s popular for good reason and we really enjoy our visits here. Make sure to sample the tasty street food whenever you can, explore the local markets and enjoy walking around the city. Let us know what you would add to this list in the comments below! Happy travels ?

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Working Holiday in Korea: The Complete Guide to Obtaining a Visa

In this post, I’ll explain everything you need to know about obtaining a working holiday visa in Korea. 

From mouth-watering BBQ dishes to jaw-dropping scenery and landscapes, South Korea is an ideal destination for travelers of all ages. Whether you’re soaking in the neon city lights of Seoul or hiking the snow-capped peaks of the Taebaek Mountains, adventure awaits you in the Land of the Morning Calm.

It also happens to be one of the most desirable destinations for a working holiday. Korea attracts young travelers eager to spend more than just a short trip getting to know its rich 5,000-year-old history and culture.

In this guide, I’ll cover who can apply for a working holiday in Korea, what to expect, and how to land the perfect job. If you’re interested in this once-in-a-lifetime experience, then look no further!

What is a Working Holiday in Korea?

On a working holiday visa, you’ll be able to travel, live, and work in South Korea. Although you’ll have the opportunity to make money, the primary purpose of your visit should be to travel. This is an excellent opportunity for young travelers who want to experience firsthand what a different country and culture is like.

Working holiday participants are also allowed to work in order to supplement their travel funds. And if you want to go to school or study during your time abroad, you can do that as well. Many participants are allowed to study Korean for a certain number of months on their visa.

If accepted into the program, you will be issued an H-1 visa. This working holiday visa is valid for 12 months, which means you have one full year to travel and work in South Korea. However, US citizens are able to receive an 18-month visa.

Best of all, you don’t need a formal job offer in order to come to Korea on a working holiday visa. You can look for employment once you arrive, in any city that sparks your interest.

If you’re ready to travel the world and experience a new culture, then a working holiday in Korea might be the perfect option for you!

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Who is Eligible for a Working Holiday in Korea?

To participate in the working holiday program, you must be a citizen from a country with a bilateral working holiday agreement with South Korea.

Korea has this agreement with 25 countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. A complete list of participating countries can be found on the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

You also need to be between the ages of 18 and 30. However, this age restriction is inclusive, which means you can apply anytime before you turn 31 years old.

To apply for the working holiday program, you must prove you have sufficient funds in your bank account. You need to have funds equivalent to KRW 3,000,000 ($2,500), as well as a return airfare or money to purchase a return flight.

Some countries might require background checks, which means you cannot have any criminal history or significant health issues. Finally, you must have health insurance during your entire working holiday stay.

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How Do I get a Working Holiday in Korea?

The application is relatively straightforward. Each country has its own application process and requirements, following the same guidelines below.

It’s important to note that applicants must apply from within their home country. However, Australians are also allowed to apply for the program from Japan (Tokyo), China (Beijing, Shanghai), Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Keep in mind that there is no online application system. Therefore, applications must be sent in the mail or directly to the embassy.

working holiday visa korea

Here are the steps to take for obtaining a working holiday visa in Korea:

See if Your Country has a Visa Quota

Some countries only have a set number of working holiday visas to distribute each year. Once the quota has been filled, you will no longer be able to apply for the visa. You must wait until the following year to re-apply.

Canada has 4,000 visas, New Zealand has 3,000, the UK has 1,000, and the US has 2,000. Australia, on the other hand, has an unlimited number of working holiday visas.

Complete the Visa Application Form

Your next step is to complete the visa application form. Fill out your personal information, education, work experience, and details of your intended visit. You will also need to provide financial information for your stay in Korea, including your expected travel and accommodation costs.

The application form can be found here. Remember to print and fill out the information using Korean, or English block letters.

Write a Travel Plan

All working holiday applicants are required to submit a travel plan along with their application. In this travel plan, you’ll outline your motivation for coming to Korea and your objective with a working holiday.

In the travel plan, include where you plan to stay, what type of work you’re looking for, and any other activities you want to participate in during your time in Korea. The more information you provide, the more convincing your application will be to the local authorities.

Gather All Necessary Documents

To apply for the H-1 visa, you need to make sure you have the following documents and information:

  • A completed and signed visa application form
  • Travel plan
  • Passport with six months validity left
  • Proof of health insurance (with KRW 40,000,000 minimum coverage)
  • Proof of sufficient funds (like a printed bank statement)
  • Health check **only required for some countries**
  • Criminal background check **only required for some countries**
  • Self-addressed pre-paid postage for return (if applying by mail)
  • Visa application fee (between $45-80 depending on nationality)

Please consult with your local embassy to confirm the exact requirements needed to apply for the working holiday visa.

Submit Application

There are two options for submitting your working holiday application. You can either send it through the mail or deliver it in person to the embassy in your home country. Some embassies require that you make an appointment ahead of time, while others accept walk-ins.

Once the docs are submitted, the immigration officer will determine if you meet the eligibility criteria for an H-1 working holiday visa. If you’ve been accepted into the program, you will receive your passport with your one-year (or 18-month) visa for Korea.

Generally speaking, the visa processing time is around one to two weeks. Since processing times vary between embassies, you can check the exact wait time on their websites. Keep in mind that this timeframe may be longer if you send your application in the mail since you need to take delivery time into account.

Once you get your visa, it’s time to celebrate and start making plans for your trip to Korea!

How Do I Start Working on My Working Holiday Visa in Korea?

After you book your flight, pack your bags, and say goodbye to your friends, you’ll be on your way to Korea in no time. Starting a new adventure in Korea is exciting, but don’t forget to complete the following steps before you start working on your working holiday visa.

korean airport

Register with the Authorities

Once you land in Korea, you have precisely 90 days to register with the nearest immigration office. You will then receive a foreigner’s card, which is necessary to legally work and open a bank account. The foreigner’s card is the single most important document you should have during your working holiday.

Appointments must be booked online and in advance. Bring the following documents on the day of your scheduled appointment:

  • Valid passport
  • Completed application form (Available at Korea Immigration Center)
  • A fee of 30,000 KRW ($25)
  • Travel plans
  • Housing Contract Document
  • 1 Photo, size 3.5×4.5cm with a white background

During your appointment, the immigration officer will take your fingerprints and review your documents. After three or four weeks, you can return to the office to pick up your registration card. Keep this card on you at all times!

Open a Bank Account

A Korean bank account is needed if you want to get paid for your work during your working holiday. The good news is that opening a bank account is very easy in Korea.

First, choose the branch you’d like to bank with. To open an account, you only need your passport and foreign residence card. Best of all, opening a bank account is entirely free.

What Type of Work Can You Do On a Working Holiday in Korea?

On a working holiday visa, you can work in almost any type of job. However, you cannot work in a skilled profession, like a doctor, pilot, athlete, or entertainer. It’s also important to note that you cannot teach English on a working holiday visa. If you would like to teach English, you must apply for an E2 visa.

You are also not allowed to work full-time, as the H-1 states you can only work a maximum of 1,300 hours for the year.

Depending on your nationality, there may be limitations on your length of employment. For example, Australians are only allowed to work six months with the same employer. On the other hand, New Zealand, Canadian, UK, and US citizens can work for the same employer for the duration of their visa.

When it comes to finding work in Korea, the following industries have the biggest opportunities for working holiday participants.


Attracting millions of tourists each year, Korea is one of the most visited countries in Asia. With tourism steadily growing, hostels, hotels, and resorts are always looking for English speaking staff. Being bilingual is helpful as well, since you’ll be able to interact with a variety of guests and tourists.

In the hospitality industry, you can work in front desk or reception, as a concierge helper, a tour guide, or even as a bellhop. If you have interpersonal skills and love working with people, then a job in the hospitality industry could be for you.

Au Pair

As an Au Pair, you’re responsible for childcare and other domestic responsibilities for your host family. That means watching children, preparing meals, and taking care of other duties and chores around the house. Not only is this an excellent option for people who love children, but it’s also an excellent way to live like a local during your stay.

One of the biggest benefits of working as an Au Pair is that your host family provides your accommodation. In many situations, your family will provide room, utilities, and food during your stay. On top of that, you’ll also get a monthly salary and flexible days off during your working holiday.

au pair working holiday in korea

Retail and Service Industry

If you have a working knowledge of Korean, you might be able to work in the retail or service industry during your time abroad. Whether you’re a barista in the city center of Seoul, a waiter in an international restaurant in Busan, or a bartender in the middle of Incheon, you’ll have no problem finding available opportunities in Korea.

Like any other customer-facing positions, being able to speak Korean will significantly improve your chances of being hired.

Office Jobs

With the right skill set, you can easily land an office job in Korea. Large corporations like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai are located in Korea, and are usually hiring English speakers or foreign nationals.

If you choose to work for a global company, you might also get away without speaking any Korean. Many international companies do business with other countries, making English the default language. But remember, you can’t work fulltime, as your visa only allows a maximum of 1,300 working hours during your stay.

Where Can I find Working Holiday Jobs?

One of the biggest benefits of a working holiday in South Korea is that you don’t need an official job offer to apply to the program. You can secure a job once you arrive. Here are a few ways to help jumpstart your job search in Korea.

Korean Job Sites for Expats

The easiest way to find a job in Korea is by looking online. There are a variety of job sites that cater to foreign or English speakers. A few popular sites in Korea are Seoul Global Center and Contact Korea. You can even check out the Seoul Metropolitan Government for available English speaking jobs.

Other Online Sites

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on a Korean website, then I recommend other popular job sites, like Linkedin, Glassdoor, and Indeed. On these sites, you can filter postings by location, skills, and even full time or part-time work.

Recruitment Centers

Working with a recruitment agency is another excellent option for finding a job in Korea. Companies like HRNetOne Manpower Korea specialize in helping foreign and English speaking nationals find work.

Based on your experience and resume, the recruiter will match you with a suitable job. One of the biggest benefits of working with a recruitment agency is that they are aware of job postings that aren’t available online. Not to mention, they can connect you directly with the specific company!

holiday visa in korea

Disadvantages of the Working Holiday Program in Korea

Between the big cities and the sprawling countryside, Korea is brimming with exciting adventures around every corner. However, the country is not for everyone. Before you make your way to the far east, there are a few downsides of a working holiday in Korea that you should be aware of.

Speaking Korean Might be Necessary

Being able to speak and understand Korean increases your chances of landing a job during your working holiday. Not only will speaking Korean make you more appealing to future employers, but it will also make your daily life a lot easier. Most businesses, restaurants and retail shops operate in Korean, and having a grasp of the language will only make your working holiday more enjoyable.

Housing Market is Competitive

Finding accommodation in Korea, especially in Seoul, can be difficult. Not only is the demand for an apartment high, but it can also be hard to find something within your desired price range. Apartments are even harder to find in February and August when many students return from their summer breaks to start school.

Teaching English is Not an Option

Unlike other working holiday programs, you are not allowed to teach English on an H-1 visa in Korea. This eliminates many job opportunities for non-Korean speakers, as teaching English is one of the most common positions for backpackers and travelers. If your goal is to teach English, you will need to apply for the E2 visa.

Pressure to Work Can be High

Korea ranks third when it comes to long working hours. The line between work and daily life is often blurred, with many people working overtime or late into the night. Although you cannot work full-time on a working holiday visa, it’s a good idea to understand the culture of the workplace. It will likely be more demanding than a job that you hold back in your home country.

What Can I Expect from the Working Holiday Program in Korea?

To many travelers, spending a year on a working holiday in Korea is a fantastic experience. But just like any other country, there are a few unique situations you should be aware of. These are just a few things to expect while traveling and working in Korea.

Foreigners Can Apply for the National Health Insurance

You are required to have health insurance before you apply for the working holiday program. However, you can also apply for Korea’s National Health Insurance or NHIS. Applicants living in Korea for longer than three months can take advantage of this health insurance. As a member of NHIS, you’ll enjoy the same health benefits as every other Korean local.

You Must Pay Income Tax

All employees in Korea, including working holiday participants, must pay income tax. The amount of money you owe will depend on your salary during your time in Korea. You should also file an annual tax return, which can be done before or after you leave Korea.

However, the tax is often low, especially if you’re earning an entry-level salary. Just remember to keep these costs in mind when finding a job and working in Korea.

Be Prepared for Culture Shock

If you come from a western country, you’ll likely encounter several cultural differences between your home country and Korea. For instance, it’s important to recognize that Korea is a hierarchical society, which means you are expected to respect your elders as well as your work superiors. Before you go to Korea, it’s a good idea to review social etiquette rules and customs to help ease your transition to this new country.

korean food

Make Friends and Build Relationships

As a foreigner, you might find it difficult to break into already existing social circles with locals. As a result, you might feel lonely or homesick during your time in Korea. Don’t worry; this feeling is a perfectly normal reaction to moving to a new country and should wear off once you get more settled.

One of the best ways to feel more at home in Korea is to make friends. There are thousands of expats, students, and other like-minded travelers that are in your exact situation. Don’t be afraid to join meetups, Facebook groups, or even to strike up a friendly conversation with someone you are sitting next to on the bus or in the cafe!

Final Thoughts

A working holiday in Korea is a fantastic opportunity for young travelers. Not only will you be able to immerse yourself in Korean culture, but you’ll also gain invaluable experience working internationally. And on top of that, you’ll meet new people and form long-lasting relationships for years to come.

Home to dramatic landscapes, ancient culture, and high-tech city life, Korea is one of the most diverse places on the planet. With a working holiday visa, you can experience it all first-hand, while making some extra money on the side.

If you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone and see a new side of the world, then Korea is the ideal destination for your working holiday. But don’t just take our word for it. Apply for a working holiday and see for yourself!

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Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

Meiji Shrine or commonly known as Meiji-Jingu is a single of the most critical Shinto Shrine in Tokyo, Japan. It is Japan’s most crucial shrine and is the most frequented religious web sites. On a regular day, you can notice there would be over a million people and this religious web site is massively well-known for weddings.  The religious website is positioned in Shibuya and is near to Tokyo Occasions Square, Harajuku Cosplay and Omotesando ‘Fifth Avenue’ Purchasing. There is lush greenery positioned in the vicinity of to the temple which is a best spot to stroll and absent from the buzz that Tokyo Times Sq. gives.Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

The shrine is committed to spirits of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. The building of the temple started just after the Emperor passes away, starting off in 1915 the temple has been produced beneath Ito Chuta. Completed in the yr 1921 and the grounds formally concluded in 1926 the temple is a selected one of Kanpei-Taisha which means it took the initially rank in government supported shrines.  Meiji emperor interval is 1 of the important intervals in the background of Japan as there was speedy industrialization going on in the Island country and Emperor Meiji who was 15 decades during the period of time took up the rule and became the symbol of transform.Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

On the entrance, you can recognize a large gate termed torii. As soon as you enter this location you can’t miss obtaining a glimpse of this gate. And upon moving into you could possibly recognize a grand shrine building.  You can detect the entrance of the shrine, even so.  The primary making was wrecked throughout WWII. The restoration of the shrine was lifted by the public fund and was finished in the year 1958. The shrine mostly is composed of 2 major places referred to as Naien and Gaien.Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

a) Naien: It is the internal precinct positioned is found at the centre of the shrine and it consists of treasure house that has content articles of Emperor and Empress. Crafted-in Azekurazukuri type. This is a beautiful treasure property which you can examine.

b) Gaien: The outer precinct of the Meiji-Jingu contains Meiji Memorial Photograph Gallery which has a collection of 80 huge murals illustrative of the events in the lives of the Emperor and his consort, Meiji Memorial Corridor which again then was utilised by federal government meetings even so now it is utilised for Shinto Weddings alongside with meeting rooms and restaurant expert services.Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

Speaking of weddings that materialize listed here, Meiji-Jingu is an critical area for Shinto Weddings, you can see a lot of weddings come about right here. The bordering is also lush inexperienced with evergreen trees. Next to the forest is the inner backyard garden which commenced out as a clan yard in the Edo Period. It was the backyard garden of Daimyō Katō Kiyomasa of Kumamoto. This interior backyard is made up of a tea dwelling, a fishing stand and the iris garden which the Meiji Emperor has developed by himself.Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan Visit to Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

There is no entrance cost to enter the shrine region but if you want to enter the yard 5US$.

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Robot Restaurant Show, Tokyo | #MacroTraveller

Tokyo is a metropolis where you come across gatherings and pursuits occurring all working day extensive, a single of the most well-known and capital town of Island nation of Japan Tokyo leaves you spellbound with the variety of points of interest that the town delivers. There are a lot of items to do in Tokyo out of which 1 attraction which you need to stop by when you adventurous and wacky and that is the Robotic Restaurant Exhibit.

Found in Shinjuku a famous region in Kabuchiko they supply spectacular shows all working day lengthy. The Robotic Restaurant is the brainchild of Namie Osawa. To start with opened in 2012, this put of attraction is frequented by hundreds of site visitors each working day.  The performers of Robot Cafe are dressed in desirable costumes. It is to be noted that the performers rehearse just about every day and it is considered and executed brilliantly.Robot Restaurant Show, Tokyo | #MacroTraveller

The showtime is all-around 90 minutes wherever you would witness of several functions from dancers, robotic costume artists, drummers, warriors and so on and there would be a limited split among the demonstrates. The entrance of the Robot Restaurant is all glitzy. On getting into, you may well recognize huge robotic chairs situated where you can click a picture or two. And just after checking in the restaurant you will notice how the restaurant is intricately embellished and stuffed with lightings from the LED.  All you can discover listed here is vibrant lights, mirrors and plush chair wherever you can appreciate karaoke sets and consume your favourite drink.Robot Restaurant Show, Tokyo | #MacroTraveller

The robotic efficiency will be held underground where you require to enter the basement, this is 1 of the sort expertise the place again you will detect shiny lights and the present carried out by phase actors. The seating arrangement is excellent in which you can notice the demonstrate correctly. The actors will play the present that has been rehearsed each individual day. It is one particular of the type expertise where some viewers can get into a trance with all the lights and stage effectiveness. Robot Restaurant Show, Tokyo | #MacroTraveller

You can invest in tickets immediately from the site which charges around 8000 Yen (73$) or you can obtain 3rd social gathering tickets which can be discovered at a a lot less price tag, you have to have to speak with the agent to make a scheduling. Or you can buy straight at the showplace, however, the tickets offer out faster during holidays and peak vacation period of time.  Every day shows are held at 17:55, 19:50 and 21:45 hrs and nearest railway station is Shinjuku Station.Robot Restaurant Show, Tokyo | #MacroTraveller

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Visit to Umeda Sky Building and Floating Garden Observatory in Osaka, Japan

Osaka may perhaps be significantly less touristy compared to Tokyo, even so, it does have many sightseeing spots exactly where you can shell out your working day exploring this wonderful metropolis. What better way to see the metropolis from far and previously mentioned than viewing the Umeda Sky Constructing.Visit to Umeda Sky Building and Floating Garden Observatory in Osaka, Japan

Umeda Sky Making is one particular of the highest developing located in Osaka. The Umeda Sky Developing is two skyscrapers that are interconnected. The most important point of the pay a visit to is to see the Sky Backyard garden positioned on the best of the Umeda Sky Developing.Visit to Umeda Sky Building and Floating Garden Observatory in Osaka, Japan

The distinct tower, Umeda sky developing is a will have to-pay a visit to location in Osaka. You can notice how high and sprawling two making tower interconnected with a circular building identified as Sky Yard. The backyard garden is just a identify and there are no crops or shrubs located below. The towers are equally 42 tales large with a space created for the garden. You can get an elevator and go previously mentioned up until eventually 35 Amount. Heading previously mentioned you would see the properties shrinking in dimension. Later on you require to take a glass elevator to amount 39 from wherever you have to have to purchase tickets to pay a visit to Degree 40.Visit to Umeda Sky Building and Floating Garden Observatory in Osaka, Japan

Level 40 has the Observatory this is identified as the Umeda Sky Yard where by you can detect the 360-degree see of Osaka Metropolis. On a crystal clear working day, you can notice the metropolis as significantly as Awaji Island. At 170m significant the perspective from the observatory is panoramic and photographic. Nonetheless, as the observatory is open-air, be expecting a lengthy of wind energy the place your points may be blown absent.Visit to Umeda Sky Building and Floating Garden Observatory in Osaka, Japan

You can have foodstuff in this article at Umeda Sky Setting up where by you can have effectively-well balanced foods at Sky 40, the Sky Lounge Stardust, Sangu a Chinese restaurant. At the basement, you can check out out a hearty meal at Takimi-Koji. The making also has a cinema theatre known as Cine Libre where movie buffs can view a film.Visit to Umeda Sky Building and Floating Garden Observatory in Osaka, Japan

The Observatory is open from 09:30-22:30 hrs and expenditures 14US$ for adults and 6US$ for children aged 4-12. Kids aged beneath 4 age can enter the observatory for no cost.


Japan Go to to Umeda Sky Creating and Floating Yard Observatory in Osaka

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Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

Sensoji Temple is just one of the major temples positioned in Asakusa district, Taito, Tokyo, Japan. Also, it is just one of Japan’s oldest Buddhist temple which is involved with Tendai sect of Buddhism. Sensoji is also identified as Asakusa Kannon temple.Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

Sensoji Temple is devoted to Kannon Bosatsu and is one of the most visited temples with over 30 million yearly readers each calendar year. Adjacent to the temple is the Asakusa Shinto shrine, 5-storey pagoda and quite a few retailers which market traditional products. The temple is regarded to have saved the outdated globe attraction exactly where the roof is made up of titanium which is strong and sturdy.Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

Legend has it that a statue of Kannon was identified in the nearby Sumida River by two fishermen in the 12 months 628 and even though the statue was place again into the river the statue was to show up again and as a result they devoted that location to establish the temple nearby to the river and devote the same to the goddess of Kannon. Subsequently the brothers and chief of the village make the temple of Kannon by remodelling their residence and designed this a position of worship. The temple was done in the yr 645 which helps make this a single of the oldest temples in Tokyo.  The temple was ruined in the course of Tokyo Air Raids on the celebration of WWII, subsequently, the temple rebuilt later as it is a symbol of peace to the folks of Japan.Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

The to start with gate that you enter to the temple is named Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) which is the outer gate of Sensoji Temple. From the outer gate to the second gate you would go as a result of a purchasing district identified as Nakamise which is in excess of 200m in length. This is a person of historic shopping district wherever you can recognize the shopkeepers marketing common Japanese arts and crafts.Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

After the next gate, you enter the temple principal hall and 5-storey pagoda. Also, you can check out the Asakusa Shrine, created in the year 1649 by Tokugawa Iemitsu.

Sensoji holds a person of Tokyo’s biggest competition named Sanja Matsuri which is normally held more than the program of 3-4 times in late spring. All through this time the site visitors is closed and you can witness numerous Japanese and international holidaymakers take a look at below. Catering to this huge crowd, you can notice a lot of retailers which sell foodstuff, souvenirs and a lot of other content.Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

Sensoji Temple is a few measures from Asakusa Station, served by the Ginza Subway Line, Asakusa Subway Line and Tobu Railways and the entrance is cost-free. The primary corridor is open up from 06:00 – 17:00 nonetheless the temple corridor is normally open up.Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan Visit to Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

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Osaka Castle and Museum in Japan

Osaka Castle is 1 of the vacationer attraction locations in Osaka, Japan. 1 of the most vital landmarks in Japan, Osaka castle has played a main position in the unification of Japan. It was constructed byToyotomi Hideyoshi in the year 1583 and was in use from 1583-1845. The castle was begun in 1583 by Toyotomi &#8230

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Kairali Ayurveda Products Review | #MacroTraveller

Ayurveda suggests the science of lifetime, this ancient technique of medicine has been handed down from technology to generation and is just one of the trusted and most effective medicines that just one can get without any side effects. The historic kind of Indian medication uses only plant and plant-primarily based medications which is suitable for most of the human skin be it dry skin or an oily pores and skin a single plant-based mostly medication can be utilized to address a affliction.

Ayurveda is stated to be handed down from Gods to Sages who in flip aided to handle health conditions brought on to people. This ancient Indian art is now appreciated around the globe and now we can discover a rise of Ayurveda based mostly treatments and magnificence solutions. Just one these brand name of items which has been concentrating on Ayurveda from many years is Kairali Model.

Throughout my very last visit to Kairali Ayurvedic Wellness Vacation resort, I experienced an prospect to go to their manufacturing unit where I witnessed the planning of items right from the raw materials made use of until the finished merchandise 1st hand, and I was rather amazed as there is considerably less use of chemical compounds employed to get ready the attractiveness and skincare solutions.

Not too long ago, I was capable to attempt the skincare goods from Kairali wherever I tried out 3 of their products and solutions which turned out to have favourable outcomes on my pores and skin.Kairali Ayurveda Products Review | #MacroTraveller

They have products and solutions this kind of as

1) Oils: Lemon Peel Oil which is made normally where it can help in strengthening, soften and take out dandruff and cures dry scalp. The Lemon Peel oil also aids in blocking discolouration of hair and offers a protective layer for the hair. Its normal elements also assist in protecting against hair fall by nourishing roots of the hair and also reduce the thinning of hair.Kairali Ayurveda Products Review | #MacroTraveller

Kairali Ayurveda Products Review | #MacroTraveller

2) Shampoo

  1. a) Henna Shampoo: Henna or Mehendi has been employed for hair treatment plans for quite a few decades, Kairali utilizes this historic medication in the preparation of shampoo wherever they use numerous herbal extracts which has nutritional properties which assist in maintaining of the scalp and restores stability for the skin. The Henna shampoo also aids in the treatment of hair similar challenges and dandruff no cost scalp which is most essential.
  2. b) Orange Blossom: Orange Peel is one of natural citric which can be utilised for the treatment method of hair similar issues. Together with Orange Peel oil and hibiscus extract, Kairali Orange Blossom Shampoo can help in the cure of hair by taking away microbes and pollutants which is the major bring about of dry pores and skin and other problems.
  3. c) Amla Shikakai: Amla Shikakai is an previous type the place Gooseberry and Tamarind are made use of, it will help to preserve one’s entire body great and it aids to continue to keep the hair black and lustrous, also it assists to raise hair rely by promoting hair growth. Amla Shikaki is a natural cleanser the place it helps to get rid of surplus oil that might have formed with out stripping the scalp of its all-natural oil base.
  4. d) Arnica: The organic ingredient assists in the therapy of harmed hair by strengthing it, supplying defense from breakage, also it provides wellness and shiny hair when employed. Employing arnica shampoo will help in preserving your hair alive and healthy.

3) Natural hair conditioner: An top hair conditioner by Kairali which is entirely organic will assist to continue to keep your hair healthful and shiny. Working with this conditioner will help in the maintenance of broken hair, hair falls and helps in manageability of hair. A conditioner is important to continue to keep your hair healthier, potent and lively.

4) Strawberry Shower Gel: A gentle shower gel which makes less lather but helps in the cure of pores and skin-associated troubles is infused with strawberry extracts. This assists in preserving skin from drying, peeling of the skin and other pores and skin-related problems and also can make your pores and skin feel nourished, fresh and radiant. The Strawberry Shower Gel is appropriate for all skin sorts which tends to make it straightforward as some solutions are suited for a specific pores and skin style.

5) Natural Moisturiser: The herbal moisturising lotion from Kairali is prepared by making use of normal ingredients. It can help in keeping skins purely natural moisture and keeps the skin tender and smooth. It helps to retain the pores and skin in a all-natural glow which in change presents a youthful search. The moisturiser also helps in trying to keep pores and skin from receiving dehydrated.

6) Soaps

  1. a) Elegance Soap:organized utilizing confirmed ayurvedic merchandise which aids to retain absent zits, itching skin and allergy absent. This helps to preserve our pores and skin glowing with a all-natural search and also allows pores and skin staying extremely easy.

b) Sandal cleaning soap: A single of nature’s best anti-oxidant, Sandal assists to continue to keep skin rejuvenated and it keeps the pores and skin fresh and moisturised.

c) Neem: Neem is organic anti-bacterial, anti-fungal medication which aids in the all-natural antiseptic treatment method of the skin. The Neem soap from Kairali aids to preserve away pores and skin ailments and shields skin from contacting any bacterial/fungal similar disease.

7) Organic Powders:

  1. a) Kairbal Powder: This chemical-cost-free powder can be employed as an substitute to cleaning soap which has all-natural exfoliating agents which will go away the skin clean and regenerated. It allows in the elimination of dust particles and also moisturises the pores and skin when applied.
  2. b) Kairpack: The normal facial area pack from kairali aids in removing wrinkles, acne, exfoliates lifeless skin cells which in flip bring pure glow, fairness and smoothness of the skin.
  3. c) Kairwash: The herbal powder is used to clean hair which will help in washing absent dust and other impurities, to manage lengthy hair, dandruff cost-free. The powder is ready obviously which will help in retaining long hair and make hair sense lustrous and balanced.

8) Facial Oil

  1. a) Kaircin: The kaircin natural oil is fortified with Crocus Sativus which can help in removal of imperfections in the pores and skin owing to its anti-oxidant attributes it also presents a purely natural glow to the pores and skin.Kairali Ayurveda Products Review | #MacroTraveller

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Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller

Owned by BBK technologies, a Chinese technology company Vivo has been in presence in India for the last many years.  One of their latest releases is the Vivo V17 phone. The Vivo V17 was released in the month of September has Pro version, Neo version and a normal version.

Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller

Vivo V17 is the lower-priced version of V17 pro and comes with quad back camera and dual selfie camera and is of lower end price, where the phone is priced at Rs 22,990 which is a great low-end phone.Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller

Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller

The Vivo v17 phone display is amazing and slim. The manufactures tried to keep the phone with the bezels being slim and a small camera hole. The bezels are super slim at the top and the sides providing more screen space. For the phone, Vivo opted to design with hole-punch for this Smartphone. Vivo V17 comes with 6.44inch Super AMOLED display with 20:9 aspect ratio which offers full HD+ resolution with good viewing angles. The screen to body ratio is around 85% and offers 1080×2400 pixels of screen resolution. The pixel density of the phone is calculated to be around 409ppi. The front camera is placed at the top right corner and is very small.  The fingerprint is detectable easily on the panel of the phone which does not take much time to unlock the phone.Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller

Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller

Vivo V17 weighs 176grams and is not heavy to hold the phone while using it for a long time. The battery comes with the power of 4,500mAH. Vivo offers USB Type C port which can be used for data transfer and fast charging. Beside the USB type c port, we can notice headphone jack, loudspeaker and microphone placed at the bottom. Another microphone is placed at the top which would be helpful during video recording. You can use Vivo V17 fairly easy as most of the buttons are placed on the right side of the phone. The left side comes with Sim tray which supports 2 nano sim and 1 microSD card slot.Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller

Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller

The Vivo V17 sports quad-camera at the rear end which is placed in a rectangular module, the camera is covered by a metal rim on the sides so there are no worries when you place it on a flat surface.  Vivo phone box comes with the phone, back case, 18W charger, in-ear headphones and the manual booklet.

Coming to the software, Vivo V17 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 SoC. Graphics are supported by Adreno 612 and the processer used here is Octa-core (2 GHz, Dual-core, Kryo 460 + 1.7 GHz, Hexa Core, Kryo 460).  It has 8GB RAM and 128GB Storage, however, you can expand the external storage via the usage of external MicroSD card up to 256GB. Vivo V17 offers connectivity such as Bluetooth, dual-band Wi-Fi, USB with OTG Support and GPS Support Navigation. The phone is certified by Widevine L1 DRM which helps you stream HD videos from OTT Content providers. Like all Vivo devices, Vivo V17 also runs on Funtouch OS which the version is Funtouch 9.2 on the top of Android 9 Pie. However, the user interface just takes a little time to get adjusted for a new user.Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller

With its 4,500mAH battery, we can use the phone for long hours, and the 18W charger that comes with the phone assists fast charging.

Coming to the camera, Vivo V17 the front camera features 32MP which has decent shots. The night shots offer little grainy images which we recommend to not use for selfies. The rear camera sports 4 camera’s which includes 48MP primary camera with f/1.8 aperture, 8MP sensor with f/2.2, 2MP sensor with f/2.4 which can be used for bokeh and depth effect and 2MP macro camera. During the well-lit places, the phone captures amazing clarity images and videos. The Bokeh mode offers quick clarity images and also focuses quickly and this helps to click stunning images.  You can record crisp images and 4k video with the camera.

The Vivo V17 has network support of Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/b/g/n 5 GHz and mobile hotspot. Bluetooth is available with Bluetooth v5.0. It has dual nano sim slots with 4G Bands also the phone supports 3G,2G network coverage. The phone offers GPS with A-GPS.Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller

Vivo V17 Experience | #MacroTraveller

Overall, the Vivo V17 is an amazing phone provided its quad camera.  For a lower-end price section, this phone is very helpful compared to the pro version by the same name.

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Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End

Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West EndWhat comes to your intellect when you hear Spanish food stuff, Churros? Croquetas? Empanadas? Or Tortillas? Spanish cuisine is additional than what you have heard or have tasted someplace when you have frequented and to working experience a assortment of Spanish Food items, Taj West Stop is hosting Spanish Extravagance food items fest from 19th – 22nd December 2019. To commemorate this function, Taj has invited 2 times Michelin-Star Spanish Chef, Chef Alberto Ferruz. Chef Alberto Ferruz who is acknowledged as the master of flavour tweaks the classic cuisine of Javea and Marina Alta areas of Spain and makes it a perfect gastronomical experience. Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End

Chef Alberto Ferruz is the proprietor of Michelin Star and Repsol Solar award-successful cafe BonAmb. The restaurant just obtained 2nd Michelin Star and 3rd Repsol Solar awards inside 8 many years of its opening which will make the dishes well prepared by him knowledge modern-day still conventional Spanish cuisines. Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End

Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End

The event Spanish Extravaganza commenced at the flagship Taj Inns, The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai for 3 days i.e., from 13th – 15th of December at the Chambers. Bengaluru is the next town which has an chance to knowledge this culinary masterpiece where Chef Ferruz will showcase his trademark methods and distinctive flavours at Taj West Conclusion, Bengaluru from 19th – 22nd December.Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End

Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End

For both equally spots, Chef Ferruz has intended exquisite Michelin Evening meal Working experience with signature recipes. The attendees here would appreciate 6-program foods accompanied by wines from the location of Spain.Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End

Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End

Talking about the occasion, Mr Somnath Mukherjee, Place Director, Karnataka & Common Supervisor, Taj West Close claimed, “It is our pleasure to host such a one of a kind concept along with Chef Alberto Ferruz. With our emphasis on innovation and bringing the finest for our guests, we time and all over again glance forward to associate ourselves with world wide cooks that would give an array of gastronomic experiences to our visitors. With Chef Ferruz, we have curated a special menu that will choose the friends on a journey of flavours.”Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End

Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End Spanish Extravaganza by Michelin Star Chef Alberto Ferruz by Taj West End

Chef Ferruz is recognized to have large expertise in the field of culinary arts where by you have heard the Spanish proverb “he grew up amongst fires” holds real for this awesome chef. He worked at his uncle’s restaurant ‘La Bodega’ when he was 12 yrs previous. Later on has labored with some of the very best culinary gurus in France and Spain wherever he acquired huge expertise about food items. Thus he has developed a title in the industry of culinary arts.


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