ELLE's 2020 Future of Beauty Awards

ELLE’s 2020 Future of Beauty Awards

We always thought 2020 would bring flying cars, robot butlers, and beauty products that do almost all the work for you. And after more than 600 brands submitted their most unique and futuristic launches for our second annual Future of Beauty breakthroughs, it turns out that even without airborne vehicles or AI that can pick up our clothes, we’re in pretty excellent shape on the last one.

Our beauty team combed through the 647 entries, narrowing it down to the top 48 contenders. Next, we enlisted a panel of genius-level judges (you probably recognize a few of them from your Instagram feed) to select their favorites in their given field. By the time this very story made it online, there will have been more than 2,903 emails sent regarding this piece. And every single one was worth it (seriously) to bring you these judge-approved, award-winning breakthroughs of the year.

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We all know this was a year unlike any other. And in a time when it could have been easy to lose our faith in humanity, we saw people and brands in the beauty industry stepping up with major initiatives, reminding us that good people and good ideas exist. Here, our look back on what may be the most significant years of our lives, and of the beauty industry’s, too.

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