30 Grown Gifts For Your Friend's 30th Birthday

30 Grown Gifts For Your Friend’s 30th Birthday


Welcome to your thirties, where you love things like “good” plates and finally learn how to pronounce psoas out of necessity. Turning thirty isn’t truly a milestone like people once posed it to be, but it does bring on a phase in life where you are open to change, and become a little more self-aware. That doesn’t mean that bar crawling days are over (plus you’re still an active member of the TikTok community), but you are not the same person you were in your roaring twenties. When it comes to ushering your friends and family into this era, mark their birthday with something they’ll love, like a stick vacuum cleaner. Ahead, we suggest practical home goods, wellness treats that aren’t a blow to the ego, then again, and timeless fashion picks they’ll cherish forever.

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Always Pan

Our Place


Saving recipes in a well-organized Instagram folder is her kink. 

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2 Initial and Diamond Necklace



if she’s trying to be more conscious of wearing solid gold only, consider this Michelle Obama-approved necklace.  

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LE LIFT Firming



Here’s an under-$150 luxury gift she’ll love, but would never buy for herself. 

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Balance My Stress

Peak + Valley


Who doesn’t need help de-stressing these days? 

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The Airlift Harmony Set

Alo Yoga Set


A new yoga set will be a game-changer for her practice. 

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Rainbow Sweater

Farm Rio


A sweater that speaks to her inner child. 

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Zucchino Mini Mama Baguette



Maybe she’s transitioning into investment bags only. The best place to start is through a trusted secondhand retailer like Fashionphile. 

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Long Robe

This robe will help her live out her cozy dreams. 

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Mega Mothership: Celestial Divinity Eyeshadow Palette



For the beauty-obsessed, go for gold (and purples and greens) by giving this gorgeous palette. 

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle

You don’t have to agree with a Prada water bottle to gift a Prada water bottle. 

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This Smells Like My Prenup Candle

goop x Heretic


An alternative candle from this collab is a little more risqué.  

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Tasman Slippers

Ugg slippers are, in our opinion, the ultimate no-brainer gift.  

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Self-Watering Pots



Sure, they’re wiser, but somehow they always forget to water their plants. This pot is their solution. 

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Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket

Just because they’re 30 doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy this gift 

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Set of 4 Agate Coasters

Shopbop @Home


Water rings are better left in your twenties. 

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Set of 4 Cotton Napkins

Dusen Dusen


Zero-waste never looked this cool. 

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Trail Fury Sneakers

Reebok x Pyer Moss


Did your BFF miss the first drop of these sneakers? Be a good friend and scour them on StockX. 

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V7 Vacuum Cleaner



$289.69 (12% off)

You know you’re an adult when you freak out over receiving a vacuum for your birthday. 

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Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents

by Isabel Wilkerson


Start a book club with them and kick things off with this Pulitzer Prize-winning read.

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Chocolat 18 Bag



This bag bridges their two loves, chocolate and Balmain.  

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Jigsaw Puzzle

For hypebaes who love puzzles. 

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Stimulating Therapy Massager

Briogeo Hair


Hair salons might be closed in some states right now, so give them a gift reminiscent of the real reason we get our hair cut professionally: the mind-tingling head massage. 

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Small Triomphe Wallet



It’s time for a grown-up wallet. 

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Curvy Vase



Everyone has a friend whose interior design aesthetic is “naked body parts.” 

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Quincy Composite Agate Cheese Board



Here’s a chic board just as good as the cheese it displays. 

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Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Sol de Janeiro


Help them give love to their favorite body part. 

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Mini Stylers Bundle

Pattern Beauty


Gift them a mini-set that helps them figure out which hair products are right for them.  

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Ludlow Jumpsuit



To be honest, jumpsuits are great for newborns and 30-somethings. 

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Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow Memory Foam Edition

Nurse Jamie


Turning 30 might make someone hyper-aware of everything that contributes to wrinkles. We’re all for embracing aging, but in case they’re trying to slow down time, this pillow can help. 

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Birthday Cake Pack



Not their birthday suit, but close to it. 

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